Author, Bodybuilder Paul Burke Says Diet Industry Out to Confuse Public

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Americans are always looking for a magic bullet, especially when it comes to getting in shape. There are countless pills and diet books that promise to get people into shape, to help them lose weight -— to get them the body of their dreams, author and bodybuilder Paul Burke says. But, if these pills and diet books worked, wouldn’t everyone be a muscular, lean marvel of beauty? Obviously not everyone is, so these pills and diet books must fall short of what they promise. Fitness Expert Paul Burke says there is no need for any special diet to stay fit; there is just a need to understand the evolution of the human being.

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So, now, we must use logic: What happened? It’s simple: The lifestyle of the hunter-gatherer made them strong and powerful; but more importantly, what they ate: wild animals and wild nuts, wild vegetables and wild fruits. These where the reasons for their massive stature.

Author and bodybuilder Paul Burke, who has written and published hundreds of fitness articles over the past 12 years before writing his critically acclaimed book, "Burke’s Law, A New Fitness Paradigm for the Mature Male," says there are no magic bullets or easy answers.

The things Burke prides himself in are his unbelievable natural physique at the age of 50; his rigorous training that takes him no more than 45 minutes three times a week to complete (with no peers in his intense way of training), his life as a weight lifter/trainer/healer, and, last but certainly not least, his logic.

“I am a logician,” Burke says. “I will absolutely not accept any way of thinking or doing something until I have applied the critical thinking in which I was trained, as a pupil of the Philosopher Chandler Steiner, a Doctorate from Oxford University in England. Through Steiner, I studied everyone from Aristotle to Russell. With that said, now I have some very good news for everyone reading this: You can throw away all your diet pills and all but three of your diet books. Those books are 'Burke's Law' by me, of course, 'The Zone,' by Barry Sears, PhD; and 'Eat 4 Your Type,' by Dr. J. D'Adamo and Catherine Whitney. These books have contributed something new to the world of scientific research."

"Now, let us begin an exploration. First, and foremost, there is no greater way to understand evolution than to take a pen and a pad of paper and about two years of your life and go to the Natural History Museum in New York City and begin to understand how we became to be who we are today and how we got here. What does this have to do with diet? Everything," Burke says.

“We started out," Burke begins, “like little chimps foraging around until the foliage was no more for we had walked our way unconsciously out of the geological change that was once a jungle in middle Africa (following the horizon I believe) millions of years ago. Chimps were foliovors, but those who spread up Africa and out to China would die off if they remained 'specialist' -- those who only ate certain foods. Somehow, we started to eat meat. No, it wasn’t a bunch of little hairy cavemen standing around a fire cooking duck, rather it was men and women who had figured out a way to crack open the skulls of left-behind carcasses and munch away on the brains that the tiger couldn’t get to but our earliest ancestors could because they used their magnificent hands to do it."

This opens up a whole litany of pieces to the puzzle. "First,” Burke says with his huge arms moving to touch a fore-finger to the other, “they ate the brains which had lots of DHA and DEA, two key ingredients in forming the brain of the human. Also, they started to become aware of their hands and their dexterity. Lastly, they were getting larger, stronger and smarter by the decade, and they would soon be using their hands to make tools, weapons for hunting and paintings and carvings in the route to communication. All this ties in to diet.”

"It wasn’t too many hundreds of thousands of years later that our ancestors were something to really brag about. Men were over six feet on average and had 220 pounds of rock hard, dualistic muscle (slow and fast twitch fibers equally spread out the entire body). Women too were big, strong and had intuition of where certain foods would be."

"As time marched along we came to the time when the body no longer needed to organically change, about 40,000 years ago. The last of the great Neo Paleolithians saw the advent of something new about 10,000 years ago, which would change everything from what we ate to how wars and colonization came along."

"By about 8-10,000 B.C. men began to manipulate plants and animals and they became 'domesticated.' By doing so, they robbed the animals, plants and themselves of the great energy and power that wild plants and animals possessed. They also robbed themselves of the tenacious hunting skills and gathering skills needed to be a human being who was the biggest, strongest, fastest, and most intuitive of all time.

"As plant and animal domestication moved along, by the time we see a skeleton of a man in 16th century England, he is not all that much bigger than our original chimpanzee great ancestors.

"What had happened in 9,000 years was amazing. Plant and animal domestication had altered the course of human evolution so much so that by that time in the late middle-ages we had a man that was about 5’6” on average weighing a measly (and rather sickly: the plague was passed from the animals to humans) 150 pounds of mostly bones organ tissues and fat--lots of fat.

"So, now, we must use logic: What happened? It’s simple: The lifestyle of the hunter-gatherer made them strong and powerful; but more importantly, what they ate: wild animals and wild nuts, wild vegetables and wild fruits. These where the reasons for their massive stature."

"Wild, wild, wild! The more an animal moves the more energy you get from it; both in the form of protein and carbohydrates (in the muscle tissue) and the energy that never dissipates from a living thing. When you eat a cow that is stuck in a metal harness all its life that just eats and eats and defecates; then you have no wild energy, no life force to take from it; in fact you get a cow full of drugs and fat as of the past 20 years. However, if you eat a wild deer, a new "Free Range Buffalo," then you are going to get not just protein and carbohydrates, but that invisible, unquantifiable life-force. Now that is what made our great Neo Paleolithic ancestors such muscular marvels."

"If we follow this along to the advent of the Grist Mill and other grain pulverizing mechanisms, we start to see cancer for the first time; then along further to the 1970’s here in America and we begin to see more and more diabetes. Flour, pasta, bread: they are all sugar!"

"While our bodies were evolving; they evolved as such that the pancreas would send out glucagon when protein was digested and insulin when carbohydrates and large amounts of fats where taken in. The mission: Restore worked muscle tissue, replace organic tissue and what was left over turned to fat. Back then, when you ate once a day at best, fat was used as fuel once the glucose and stored glycogen was burned; however, eat three meals of manufactured food and you begin to see what we see today: An absolute epidemic of Diabetes; which leads to stroke and many other problems."

"The solution, if viewed through my lens of logic:

  • Eat is if we were one of those Neo Paleolithians.
  • Free Range beef and chicken; slice off the fat.

No Steroids, antibiotics or Growth Hormone (GH).

Wild Fish (salmon is best).

Eggs (without yolks because that is where the saturated fat is).

Turkey (no fat).

All Steamed Vegetables with some clean tomato sauce for flavor

Nuts, seeds, olive and canola oils to cook with (Our great ancestors didn’t cook their food they ate it raw, but you cannot do that today).

Fruits: All of them just be sure you eat it with your four small meals each day so that there isn't unnecessary insulin output."

"Small meals spread out does many things, but the two major ones is it keeps insulin levels down and it keeps a steady flow of protein coming in forming a positive nitrogen balance: this leads to muscle mass and the more muscle you have the more fat you burn and the longer you live because unless you have a heart attack you cannot die with a lot of muscle. It is a buffer against aging."

"So, logically, most diet books are foolish because they are thinking in terms of what is going on today and our bodies stopped evolving 40,000 years ago, making us the wonders of this world and the wonder of anyone interested in their life and living it to its fullest. You should live long enough to look back at the century that you lived and say as the American Indians used to say: “Today is a good day to die.”

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