Interview with an African Witch Doctor Reveals Bone Chilling True Stories

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Witch Doctor Samuel Vagalas Kanco tells his startling story of being a fourth generation witch doctor and wizard. He validates witchcraft is practiced today all over the world and is not a myth. What does being a witch and wizard mean? His story and the book his interviewer has just published will tell you how witchcraft and wizardry could be affecting your life. No one is exempt from the effects of this satanic practice, but there is a defense. He will recount stories from human sacrifices to the torments on mankind.

Dr. Holliday’s interview of former African Witch doctor, Samuel Vagalas Kanco reveals his family was at the highest level of witchcraft. His family’s religion is based on a mixture of the worship of idols and ancestors. They were worshipers of idols such as gods of sun, moon, earth, trees, monkeys, snakes, etc. These were the only gods that he knew.

His life from birth involved his mother drinking potions and dedicating him to Satan’s powers. One of the many ceremonies you will read about involved his face disfigurement with three slashes on each cheek and dying the wound black so it is a lifetime marking and indicates his status in the hierarchy of the cult. For his final training his spirit descended into the city under the sea. Yes a city under the sea does exist.

Mr. Kanco confirms, “I know the city under the sea exists, because my spirit personally spent twelve years there. This is my testimony of residing with the demons under the sea. The city under the sea is not a hidden place from many people of Africa. An out of body experience of your spirit is how you travel as a witch. Satan imitates what we think of as utopia so the city appeared magical but you soon find out the truth. The sorcery world is real and highly organized.

Bishop Kanco’s testimony is about the Lord’s mercy, grace and deliverance from being a powerful witch and wizard to a minister of the gospel. It is also a confirmation that there is no sin that Jesus’ blood cannot wash away to make a person’s spirit as white as snow. ‘My story’, he says ‘is one of hope for the billions of people who wish to be free from the snares of the devil. Jesus can free those who are entrapped by idolatry and from family witchcraft ties.’ Today Bishop Kanco has multiple churches and his main church has over 30,000 members where he has delivered many other witches.

Read this powerful true life story of witchcraft, where a life was committed to Satan through human sacrifices and tormenting mankind to deliverance by Jesus Christ and through his blood and his power we are setting free the captives of this Satanic cult.

Pat Holliday, Ph.D. is an author of over 70 books which can be reviewed at Agape Publishing and has traveled the world delivering and ministering the word of God for over 30 years. Her e- book "The Witch Doctor and the Man" is now available.


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