Airport Restrictions for Carry-on Items Create New Challenges for Travelers and Increase Risk for Checked Luggage

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The Transportation Security Administration has modified the list of restricted items banned from carry-on for US flights. Travelers adjust to longer lines at the airport due to disposal of cosmetics, gels, liquids and personal items in purses, briefcases and carry-on luggage. Meanwhile, evaluating and adjusting personal packing for checked luggage has created a new threat for weary travelers, as airlines adjust to the heightened security measures.

According to Consumer Reports, there was an average of more than 10,000 claims per day for mishandled luggage in 2005. The airlines struggle to support and control the processes of checked luggage as demands increase in proportion to heightened security restrictions. Many travelers have also reported an increase in claims for items stolen from checked bags.

When planning to reduce carry-on items to expedite the airport screening process, beware that the metal detectors, Closed Circuit TV cameras, x-ray and security used to screen the entrance to the terminal is far more stringent than the security used to monitor the activity of individuals handling the luggage. While waiting in line to present ID for the second time, with shoes and belt on a conveyor, the expensive electronics or jewelry from checked bags may well be on the way to eBay in a brown paper bag.

Make note of the small print at the airport check-in counters. Airlines do not claim any responsibility for electronics, jewelry or other items stolen from luggage. In the attempt to submit a claim due to theft, be prepared to supply copies of airline tickets, baggage claim check, original purchase receipts and a Notarized sworn statement before receiving a polite rejection notice. A customer service representative from DELTA Airlines said it best, “Please check your belongings and carry your valuables, unless it is against regulations in which case you should leave your belongings at home.”

In the event that luggage is completely lost, the contents may end up at Unclaimed Baggage, a retail store that sells merchandise by the truckloads. Unclaimed Baggage deals with approximately one million items per year.

Brenda Cantrell, a spokesperson for Unclaimed Baggage, was reported by the Denver Chronicle as saying, “We’ve seen some every unique items over the years, including a mummified falcon, some jewelry, a 19th century full suit of armor has passed through our doors.” Cantrell also mentioned items like a camera from one of NASA’s space shuttles, a 40 caret emerald ring and a live rattlesnake.

To deal with the surplus amount of items rerouted to Unclaimed Baggage, the retail store has created an eBay Auction site at Where else could savvy shoppers find a Toshiba Tecra Computer for as little as $50, or an IBM Thinkpad T20 Notebook Computer for $75? Think twice before packing that computer in luggage and handing it over the counter, because it could end up ion the shelf n Scottsboro, Alabama.

In an effort to help travelers keep track of current restrictions for carry-on items, Executive Blueprints Inc and FirstOCHomes Real Estate Consulting are offering Free Personal Checklists on their web sites. The free Airport Restrictions and Personal Checklists can be printed and placed in luggage as a convenient reference for packing bags before a trip or on the return. This is a helpful reminder tp remove items from carry-on baggage, purses or briefcases and reduce the risk or disposal at the airport security.

The personal checklist and other travel tips from Executive Blueprints Inc is located at This site also contains useful tips on selecting the best seat on the plane, alternative low fare airlines, and a currency converter calculator.

The personal checklist from FirstOCHomes Real Estate Consulting is located at FirstOCHomes also offers information on Orange County Places of Interest, Real Time Traffic Reports, a Neighborhood Search and Virtual Tours. “First OC Homes is passionately committed to the people in our neighborhoods. Homes are a private sanctuary. There is very little private about airline travel, especially when it comes to protecting overall safety. At least we can make it a little more convenient,” said Tiffany Mehrmann.

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