Mole Removal Technique Thing Of Past -- Enter: Natural Mole Removal

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Using a laser to remove moles was thought to be the best way to take off those moles and skin tags, but a new twist on an old remedy is removing moles at home, without laser surgery.

Just about everyone get moles on their skin. It's part of getting older. Usually when a new mole appears we run to the doctor to see if it is cancerous. The good news is, most moles are not cancerous, and they can be removed in a number of ways.

The high cost of "laser" mole removal, or "punch" removal, has driven a lot of people in other directions seeking a cure. In the U.K. an office visit to discuss your mole removal will cost $100 USD and to actually remove the mole, they charge an additional $200 USD. Things are much the same in the America.

A new inexensive way to remove moles has emerged on the scene. Inventor Aaron Lilly, says "there are natural alternatives to expensive plastic surgery, especially when dealing with removing facial moles or skin tags, or warts from your body." Lilly created Dermatend natural mole remover from a woodland herb native to North America. Lilly said, "Dermatend has a unique ability to dissolve abnormal growths like moles, without disturbing normal tissue."

This natural remedy is saving thousands of people the cost of mole removal everyday. Packaged under the name "DermaTend" (http://www.DermaTend.NET) is guaranteed to remove moles at a fraction of the cost of a doctors visit. The DermaTend skin care product has also been published as a viable remedy for the removal of genital warts too.

All plastic surgery fees seem to be overinflated lately. The price of breast augmentation and rhinoplasty is through the roof now with all the popularity of makeover television and the never ending need for some of us to stay young looking. Just a few years ago a breast augmentation would cost $3000 -- now it more than twice that.

Plastic surgeons recently surveyed said their business is way up over the last few years. Everyday, women undergo face lifts, botox treatments, breast augmentations, and liposuctions. Mole removal rounds out the top five procedures performed by doctor's over the last year.

Teenagers are now one of the largest groups seeking "elective" plastic surgery. Most of them are spending thousands of dollars on procedures such as Rhinoplasty (nose reshaping), Otoplasty (ear pinback), Lipoplasty (liposuction) Breast Reduction,and Breast Augmentation, some before their 16th birthday. With the costs of these surgeries out of hand many parents are seeking less expensive alternatives.

You can find DermaTend at http://www.DermaTend.NET.

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