"The Key to Unlimited Success" By Helene Goldnadel of the Licensed Acting Institution International Creative Artists

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"The Universe wants you to succeed," says author Louise L Hay. "What every individual wants is not always what such person deeply feels should be theirs, however. All of you who have been reading my articles accept for me to say that the key to success is the result of education and hard work. But is that all?" Helene Goldnadel the owner of International Creative Artists, the acting Institution licensed in the State of California with the outstanding placement program, explains why her graduates are so successful and book so much work. Potential students of International Creative Artists, can contact the school for a free evaluation. An evaluation at International Creative Artists can go either way and does not guarantee acceptance to the institution.

An actor who works extremely hard of course, puts major cards in their games, but is that enough? If such individual does not create success with their Spirit, their thoughts and verbalizations, the result may be quite different than hoped for.

"Let's look at 'hope' for a moment," says Helene Goldnadel. "Hope is the 'anti-theses' of success. Hope is a dream for something lost in the twilight zone of 'Neverhappens'."

Happy thoughts, meaning, the expression in thought of one's happiness and such expression in the form of verbalization as well, is the only way to success. Then, of course it is recommended that one would acquire the proper skills toward any field of endeavors, and especially such of acting. It is also paramount that one would work very hard and be totally committed.

"Louise L Hay, Tony Robbins, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Abraham-Hicks are all worth listening too. As a matter of fact you should read through this page quickly and go on these people's sites and order the books and cds," says Helene.

She adds, "What I call verbalizations, Ms Hay calls it affirmations. It is all about expressing in the present tense what one wants to see materialize in the future. I have spoken endlessly to our graduates about the 'Power of Expression'. It has to do with 'spoken words'" as per Louise Hay, it also has to do with ones very 'thoughts'. Expressing happiness, choosing pleasant thoughts and verbalizing ones acceptance of good health, a wonderful relationship, wealth and other materializations of success, is exactly what will allow for the Universe to give you. Abrahams-Hicks calls it the 'Power of Intent'."

"Helene Goldnadel was pleased to give me a series of affirmations. Here are some affirmations/verbalizations that will work for you if said in the present tense."

"I am healthy", "I love my firm, fit, gorgeous body", "Partner’s name loves me" or "I am in a loving, caring, fulfilling, sexy relationship, which I deserve", "I am rich", "it's easy to make money", "every day I get more money into my life", "it easy to give back as I get so much. I am rich and successful and sharing what I get in such an abundant way is easy", "my business/job is a very rewarding, fulfilling endeavor", "it is fun to work and make tremendous money doing it", "I love my job", "I love my clients/customers", "I love my co-workers", and especially and to quote Louise Hay: "I love myself".

"Is there any doubt why Julia Roberts would say: 'I love my life?'. While some people would choose to make fun of that, she is the one laughing all the way to the bank."

"Life brings problems to solve and situations to handle however positive and happy one may be," says Goldnadel. And Helene Goldnadel expresses it simply as she and her school were the victim of slander and defamation on the internet by the wanna be competition. "People that live life out of integrity, and genuinely love other people and are at stand for them, are not immune to being harmed. Attempts will be made at least to level such empowering people down to other individuals own level of scarcity thinking. Such 'poor' individuals do not vibe at the same level within the Universe." She says.

"Poverty, scarcity thinking cannot build results for such 'poor' people and their ways prevents them from creating a win-win situation, towards building lasting results for other people as well as themselves."

"Wanna-be competition, Internet extortionists, resentful, envious and hateful, spend too much time looking at other people's achievements wishing such success were theirs. What someone cannot do for oneself, being envious of other individuals getting exactly what 'poor' people just wish for, will certainly block such success which could be abundantly flowing in "poor" people's life if they re-joyced at others achievements, even the competition's!"

"Is there any doubt why our graduates book so much work? Ask Magdalena Zielinska, she is perfectly in tune with the ever loving and giving Universe, and so are you!"

With Total Love and Care my friend,

By Helene Goldnadel of International Creative Artists


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