Hexagonal Water--Harnessing the Beneficial Properties of Natural Mountain Spring Water

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Biochemists are now recognizing the power of structured water for thoroughly quenching the body's thirst and vitalizing numerous biological functions.

Through recent technical advances in the study of water, biochemists have now identified one of the primary elements that account for why some natural spring waters so thoroughly satiate the body. That element is the “structure” or organization of water molecules into the form of hexagonal water.

Drinking this water can provide a number of benefits for the body. What’s more, health-conscious individuals can now fully satiate their bodies even though they live nowhere near a naturally occurring source. Recent technology now allows the creation of this kind of water in the home via devices such as the Vitalizer Plus (R-Garden Inc., Kettle Falls, Wash.)

Most tap water and bottled water is composed of large water conglomerates. The random organization of this water makes it difficult to move freely into the cells. On the other hand, the unique organization of structured water enables rapid penetration within the cells of the body. In a study entitled, "Microclustered Water and Hydration," Dr. Z.Y. Wang et al. showed that this water product was 13.4 times more effective at hydration than distilled water.

Just as structured water can easily penetrate cell membranes, it can quickly exit the cells, thus enhancing waste removal. Structured water helps flush toxins and other waste products (such as lactic acid) so that they can be excreted from the body.

In the book, "Hexagonal Water, The Ultimate Solution," author M.J. Pangman relates a study by D. Chen et al, showing that mice who consumed this water were able to swim 47 percent longer prior to exhaustion. Such findings have tremendous implications for the endurance athlete.

The biochemical mechanisms at work with the consumption of hexagonal water yield palpable benefits for the body as a whole. "We used the meridian stress assessment device to take readings on patients before drinking anything," recounts Dr. Bruce Shelton, a Phoenix-based physician and current President of the Arizona Homeopathic Association. "Then we had them drink a glass of this water and we took the readings again. The readings improved, which is an indication of better health."

Obtaining a stable source

As beneficial to the body as structured water appears to be, it can't do anyone any good if they can't get a steady supply. Yet, an awareness of the benefits has created a demand for a renewable source that has not gone unheeded by health-product providers.

"We tried bottled hexagonal water, but found it wasn't the way we wanted to go," says Don Smyth, president of R-Garden, Inc. of Kettle Falls, Washington. "Then we discovered a machine, the Vitalizer Plus, that could make the water on demand, and people could make it in their own home. It made so much more sense."

"The benefits of the extra absorption of water into the system, made possible by hexagonal water, represents a quintessential element of health and repairing," claims Dr. Kholos¾a Southern California-based chiropractor and naturopath. "Consider this water even better than that from a spring."

For further information, contact Dennis Roberts at R-Garden, Inc. at P.O. Box 417; Kettle Falls, WA 99141; (800) 800-1927; fax (888) 600-9257; or email or visit http://www.rgarden.com/.


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