Duncraft Offers Backyard Pest Control Solutions That Protect Homeowners -— and the Environment

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Enjoy a pest-free backyard without resorting to hazardous chemicals. Duncraft.com offers a great selection of all-natural pest control solutions to rid yards of mosquitoes, moles, fleas, ticks and more.

Duncraft's Living with Nature Catalog and http://www.duncraft.com carry over thirty all-natural products to repel or control mosquitoes, fleas and ticks, wasps, yellow jackets, moles and more. Both EEE and West Nile Virus are transmitted to humans through the bite of an infected mosquito. Reduce mosquito populations in the own backyard by preventing and/or eliminating mosquito breeding grounds with products that gently move and disturb water tension. Breaking the surface tension of water destroys the ability for larvae to hatch.

Sharon Dunn, President of Duncraft, says, "We discovered an inexpensive gadget a few years ago called the Water Wiggler. It gently agitates small amounts of water in a bird bath. Not only does the agitated water prevent mosquito larvae from hatching, but it creates ripples in the water--which attracts more birds. The Wiggler runs for over three months on only 2 D batteries. We have several other drippers and misters that accomplish the same goal—and add a decorative touch to your bath. We also offer a harmless (except to mosquitoes) biological larvicide called Mosquito Dunks. These Dunks work in bird baths as well as larger water areas—and they're safe for fish and other aquatic life as well as people, birds and pets." Duncraft also offers repellants made with natural garlic, soybean and black pepper formulations.

Duncraft provides safe solutions to discourage moles and snakes as well as repel unwanted animals. Sharon Dunn says, "No one likes moles digging holes into carefully tended lawns. Customers love the Vibrasonic Mole Chaser--an ingenious device that looks like a metal missile you simply bury in the ground. It emits powerful vibrations that are intolerable to moles, voles and gophers. Another problem for our customers is stray cats at their bird feeders. We offer ultrasonic products that are motion activated. When a cat or other mammal breaks the invisible beam, a high frequency ultrasonic sound is emitted. The sound is inaudible to humans and birds, but cats and dogs (as well as rodents) can't tolerate this frequency and take off."

Simply by inviting songbirds to share the yard, homeowners are encouraging an army of well-equipped insect-eating soldiers? Songbirds are truly incredible machines for eating insects. Many backyard birds are specialists when it comes to their insect eating habits; martins prefer insects that fly in the air, woodpeckers peck under tree bark, while house wrens forage on the ground. So if you can attract different species of birds, then you are likely to have birds ‘working’ all those different areas of your property.

You'll find this complete selection of environmentally safe pest control solutions, along with the best in backyard bird feeding products available at http://www.duncraft.com

About Duncraft

Duncraft, Inc., located in Concord, NH, was founded in 1952. The Duncraft Living with Nature Catalog and the duncraft.com website offers hundreds of the very best wild bird and nature-related gifts, birdfeeders, bird foods, backyard pest solutions and garden décor. Visit Duncraft’s blog at http://blogs.shareup.net/duncraft
and get great backyard birding tips from the experts. Or, share your own tips, photos and personal stories with the enthusiastic Duncraft community.


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