Percept Technology Labs Helps Avert Battery Disasters

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Product test & consulting company delivers battery safety testing to help consumer electronics companies avoid battery explosions, fires and costly recalls.

Percept Technology Labs an established, independent product testing and consulting company, offers specialized battery performance and safety testing to determine which is the safest, most reliable, best performing and most cost-effective choice for laptops, cell phones and many other consumer electronics products. With recent news of defective laptop batteries catching on fire, and massive product recalls, consumer electronics firms are realizing the importance of battery testing, safety, and reliability – before they ship their product into the field.

According to John Mozeliak, president of Percept, “Many of today’s consumer electronics products – including laptops, cell phones and PDAs – utilize lithium-ion batteries. Because these batteries are lightweight and fully rechargeable, they are the new standard for portable power. However, there are inherent risks associated with these batteries, and because product designs are becoming smaller and slimmer, there is less room for ventilation – thereby increasing the risk of meltdown or fire. In fact, recent news clips give accounts of laptops and other electronic products bursting into flames. In one particular case last February, the National Transportation Safety Board was checking out a report that a laptop battery caught on fire onboard a UPS flight – causing the crew to make an emergency landing. Most recently, a major computer manufacturer announced a recall of millions of laptops due to defective batteries which apparently caused a number of fires. Obviously, this is a huge financial and PR risk for firms, so choosing the safest and most reliable battery for a particular product is a paramount consideration. Percept’s battery testing team offers specialized expertise and proven methodologies for all types of consumer electronics and ITE products testing. We help companies avoid potential disasters in the field by choosing the safest and best batteries for their products.”

Tailored to meet each client’s specific requirements, Percept's battery testing can include the following test scenarios:

OEM Battery Selection

Which vendor and battery type is best suited to meet performance, safety and cost criteria? Percept runs side-by-side comparative analysis testing to show clients which vendor’s battery is the best choice for their particular design.

Safety Testing – Threshold Analysis

How much punishment can a battery take? Using specialized battery testing expertise and equipment, the team subjects a client’s selected batteries to extreme conditions – temperature, humidity, pressure, overcharging – to the breaking point. This testing shows exactly how, where, and under what conditions batteries will fail.

Environmental Testing

Exactly how do environmental conditions affect battery performance and safety? The Percept team tests and documents how well selected batteries perform in a variety of environments. This “full picture” provides solid data regarding the various performance and safety trade offs.

Performance Testing

How well does a particular battery meet performance objectives in actual product operation? Percept’s automated battery testing process shows clients exactly how well their design will work under battery power and how long the battery will perform reliably.

About Percept Technology Labs

Percept Technology Labs is an established, independent product test and consulting company with a proven track record of helping customers test and improve their products since 1996. Specializing in data storage, ITE and consumer electronics products, Percept does more than simply test products in its 5,000 square foot real world and environmentally controlled lab spaces. With years of specialized technology testing experience and absolute commitment to customer care, the Percept team manages the entire product testing, improvement and certification process from start to finish. Percept provides everything clients need to launch and deliver their products around the world – on time and within budget. Customers include leading information technology equipment (ITE), data storage, consumer electronics, scientific instrumentation, and telecommunications firms. To learn about Percept’s full line of product testing and consulting services, visit or call 303-444-7480.

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