INTEGRITY HEALTH SOLUTIONS Announces Tax Exempt Status as Official 501 C3 Organization

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INTEGRITY HEALTH SOLUTIONS: dedicated to "putting health back into health care" through research, relief and education, integrating natural health with conventional medicine.

We stretch our dollars- every dollar we save in running our organization may save a child’s life

“An idea whose time has come,” says Dr. Mary Zesiewicz, referring to INTEGRITY HEALTH SOLUTIONS, 501 C3 Corporation based in Colorado.

Our mission is "putting health back into health care." Those of us in mainstream practice know that the focus today isn’t health and wellness, as sad as this is. Yes, acute diseases are treated very well-“we have the best acute medical care in the world” according to Zesiewicz, who has practiced in mainstream health care for her entire career.

“We’re not saying to take away the good aspects of health care- we’re simply saying it's not enough. Millions of people in our country suffer from a chronic health condition and are not able to talk to their doctor about ways to cleanse their systems, augment with quality natural supplements and restore a state of health. Medications may be necessary, but at best, curtail the spread of disease,” says Zesiewicz.

INTEGRITY HEALTH SOLUTIONS (IHS) is committed to bringing natural modalities, like high quality supplements, into the mainstream health arena. How?

1.) Raising money for high quality research is a top priority. Last year, in Colorado Springs, Zesiewicz, and IHS Executive Director, Tom Crouch, researched the benefits of nutritional supplements in children with ADHD and Bipolar Disorder. The results were promising.

“It does my heart good to see children who suffer from significant mental and emotional distress to feel better, look better, enjoy life more, engage in relationships and activities in a more positive way,” says Zesiewicz, of the studies, for which she served as Chief Clinical Investigator. “We saw this and more with the children we studied. Kids’ school performance improved- so did their sense of self awareness and self confidence.”

Yes, many of the children were still on their medication but many experienced marked reduction in side effects.

“This is wonderful- I see so many people who suffer considerable side effects from medication. I know there is tremendous controversy about the use of medication today, in both children and adults. I believe in a conservative approach- use meds when necessary and before meds are even considered, do everything possible to promote and enhance health and healthy lifestyle," according to Zesiewicz, also known as Dr Mary, or Dr Z.

The only way natural modalities will be accepted in mainstream is through high quality research. And that’s going to take some large dollars.

Zesiewicz and Crouch, through IHS, were asked to raise money for several large university level studies. One is a large AIDS study, double blind, placebo controlled using medications and natural supplements. “These are impact studies- if the results of taking natural supplements are shown to be beneficial, it will certainly have a major impact on the way health care is practiced today.”

2.) Raising money for Relief Projects; currently money is being raised to provide good quality supplements and nutrition for children in orphanages in various parts of the world.

“Now that we are close in to the situation, it breaks my heart to hear about children who are dying every week,” according to Dr Z. We’ve heard countless stories of children who do so well with the help of good nutrition and supplements. There are so many children with such overwhelming needs- we just need more resources.

IHS raises money through direct tax deductible donations and through sale of health related products. Product sales are directly converted to dollars spent on health for research and for children. “We stretch our dollars- every dollar we save in running our organization may save a child’s life,” says Zesiewicz.

Products include “Hippocrates MD: The Transformation of Health Care” written by Zesiewicz (Thornton Publishing, 2005). “My goal for this book is to raise awareness on a large scale about the necessity of moving to an integrative model of health care. So many people still don’t understand the importance of diet. So many doctors still don’t understand that instead of raising doses of their patients’ medications, they need to emphasize the role of nutrition and healthy lifestyle. Zesiewicz continues, “The childhood obesity epidemic is evidence…children are prescribed medication at an increasing rate, they are eating more fast and fatty foods, and becoming more sedentary in front of computers, TV and video games. Let's restore healthy lifestyle first, then evaluate if medications are really necessary,” says Zesiewicz.

Zesiewicz, also an Executive MBA, believes focus on natural health is not only good for patient care- it is so needed by our ailing health care system. “Our annual health expenditures exceed $1 trillion/year; soon there will be no money left in the national budget for much of anything else.”

To learn more about INTEGRITY HEALTH SOLUTIONS, its mission and to help, please visit:

Mary F. Zesiewicz, MD

Chief Medical Officer


501 C3 Corporation



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