'DigitalFX Goes Public,' Video Communications and Social Networking are Hot, is this America’s Next Fortune 500 Company?

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Video Email, Video Chat and Video Social Networking are coming of Age, and one Company is Bound for the Top. Is this America's Next Fortune 500 Company?

QORUS.COM INC. (OTC BB:QRUS.OB - News) announced today that, effective as of August 2, 2006, the name of the Company will be changed to DigitalFX International, Inc. and the Company will change its ticker symbol on the Over-The-Counter Bulletin Board to DFX as of August 2, 2006.

VMdirect, LLC, and a 1-for-50 reverse stock split will become effective as of August 2, 2006. Accordingly, as of August 2, 2006, the post-reverse-stock-split Common Stock of the Company will start trading on the Over-The-Counter Bulletin Board, and there will be a total of approximately 22,074,456 shares of Common Stock issued and outstanding.

Helloworld means business.

There is a growing swell of excitement as HelloWorld, the retail platform for DigitalFX leads the charge for Digital Communications Supremacy, and the Buzz words are Video Email, Video Chat and Video Social Networking. The pace of change is breathtaking, and it really does feel as though a New Digital Age has burst onto the scene, forget "Web 2.0" this is much bigger.

HelloWorld has exploded onto the Web with a plethora of intelligent, high quality Full Motion Streaming Video Products and Services. We are witnessing a Step Change in the Digital Communications race, and our digital lives are about to be transformed.

Are DigitalFX about to seize the Streaming Video and Social Networking Throne, and in doing so become the next Microsoft or Google. “My Space” and “You Tube” have experienced phenomenal success in this field in recent months, and have captured the imagination of millions on the Web, but the new kid on the block is catching up fast.

HelloWorld has arrived with a bang, and they are causing quite a stir, what started as a whisper is becoming a loud shout, "Who are these Guys."

A World First.

The World's First and Only Fully Integrated Suite of Streaming Video Products.

HelloWorld is home to all things Video, including Video Email, Video Chat and Live Video Webcasts. HelloWorld's members can upload their own music, watch “Live Bands,” Musicians and Bands can even upload their own Video Demo’s and 'Live Concerts' to HelloWorld for all to see, this is a great platform for new and up and coming Artists. Members can email videos to friends, and indulge themselves in a Utopian world of all things Video, its fresh and invigorating; the list of product tools is exhausting and just goes on and on.

There is a host of other productivity tools at HelloWorld that make digital communications so easy, it's child’s play, but we must not overlook the fact that there is real power under the bonnet here, and Business users will find a lot to be thankful for. HelloWorld's is leading the charge of this New Digital Communications Revolution and the competition should take note.

Our expectations and dreams are driven by a need to be eternally gratified by the latest and the best products and services that we can find, and in this respect HelloWorld ticks all the right boxes.

As the Web embraces Video, we all want to experience and use the technology in creative and new ways, and at last we can. HelloWorld's suite of products is empowering its members with the best tools available anywhere on the Web, My Space had better watch out.

HelloWorld has not overlooked anyone in there quest for dominance of this market, and have even engineered a solution to include the millions of users on dial up connections.

HelloWorld can also deliver digital media to all existing platforms in all the available formats, through its patented 'EVE' encoding technology. This encompasses all digital devices, from the PC to Cell/Mobile Phones, Ipods, and very shortly through a Set Top Box, direct to your Television.

The ability to deliver video to all these platforms from one website gives HelloWorld an incredible advantage over the competition, and with a market of 1 billion Web users to wow, the value of HelloWorld as a Video Communications Platform will surely hit the mark. This is incredibly important as users will no longer be presented with incompatibility issues, making all our digital lives that much easier. Today’s text email and IM products will soon seem archaic in comparison to this new wave of Video Products.


HelloWorld, The Home of All Things Video.

These include:

  •     Video Email
  •     Live and Interactive Webcasts
  •     Video on Demand
  •     Video Conferencing
  •     Video Chat
  •     Integrated Skype

Business users will find this suite of products can fulfil a host of business needs within their organisation, and should deliver real cost savings across several areas of their business.

Video Emails for instance are fully brandable, so any Business can incorporate their Company Logo, Images and Banners, including Hyperlinks leading to their website. No other Company’s Video Products can deliver this degree of sophistication, and integration, or perform these tasks with such ease.

Live and Interactive Webcasts

Business’s can also deliver Live and Interactive Webcast Presentations to their employees for training purposes, or they can build up a body of course training material and modules, that can be accessed by their employees from the archives at any time. All these services including archived video are Server Side, in other words they are Web based.

Video Conferencing

Companies can conduct Real Time Video Conference calls from up to four separate locations, from anywhere in the world, with up to four split screen windows displayed on each computer, where all the participants have the ability to interact with each other.

Video Chat or Instant Messenger

This is a Live one to one, Real Time Live Video Chat, very useful and more personal, complementary to text email and telephone calls.

New Release Version 5

DigitalFX has recently announced the imminent release of Version 5 of the Helloworld Website. Here you will find a brand new and highly energised interface, coupled with instructive Streaming Video Presentations; it’s bound to be a huge HIT.

A preview can be found at: http://www.helloworldbeta.com

To say the new website looks stunning is an understatement, the new User Interface greets you with a Full Video Overview, and a Video walk through for each set of Video Tools on the website, all this is coupled with increased functionality, and a host of new tools and services that improve the users experience beyond anything else available on the Web today.

Consumers will find that HelloWorld is a Social Networking Website that fulfils every imaginable requirement that they could ever wish for, and it truly leaves the competition in the shade.

HelloWorld is elevating Streaming Video and Video Social Networking onto a new and expanding plane. By upping the anti and integrating a disparate group of technology standards, and implementing their own pioneering technology, HelloWorld has created a new and fun way of communicating and expressing yourself over the Web, which is only limited by your imagination.

Incredibly, HelloWorld is also a business opportunity in its own right!

DigitalFX is a Publicly Traded Company, and intriguingly they are also a Network Marketing Company.

HelloWorld actively encourages users of the products to share in the financial profitability of the Company. This is an extremely clever viral marketing technique, which will encourage the word of mouth advertising that most Companies can only dream of, and judging by the growth the Company is experiencing, it seems to be working.

An overview of the business opportunity can be found at:


Anyone who wants to share in the fortunes of HelloWorld can become an affiliate member, and reassuringly the Company has been structured in such a way that the affiliate side of the Company controls the majority share holding. This will protect the Company from the predatory advances of larger more established players, and aggressive takeover bids.

This is incredibly important for anyone becoming involved with HelloWorld as an affiliate, as it means that the future control and direction of the Company is in the hands of its affiliate members, and the people who have a stake in this Business right now, and furthermore it secures an independent and hopefully very bright future for the Company.

It is entirely feasible that we could be witnessing the birth of America’s next Fortune 500 Company; every element of an incredibly successful business is now in place.

Video Communications over the Internet is in its infancy, but is expanding incredibly fast, and the sector is predicted to be worth an astonishing $12 Billion a year within the next five years.

The sector has yet to find a dominant player, but the battle has begun in earnest. Given the facts, HelloWorld has every chance of coming to rival the Google’s and Microsoft’s of this world, but of course, only time will tell.



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