Water Softener Free of Environmental Harm

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New all digital electronic water softener dissolves lime scale and softens water without electrical or plumbing alterations. Eliminates need for salt brine being discharged into environment

Historically, salt based water softeners softened hard water by removing a portion of the calcium that forms into scale. Usually, this is less than 75%; with the rest getting by the softener and forming lime scale. Also, salt-type water softeners discharge 600 pounds or more of salt brine into the environment each year causing enough harm and cost that many jurisdictions are creating legislation to limit or eliminate the use of salt based systems.

A new digital system, the Soo~Soft Digital Electronic Water Softening System, converts all of the calcium into microscopic particles unable to form scale with no discharge of salt or waste products. It also changes the character of water so it feels soft, dissolves existing scale, and makes more suds from less detergent. This new digital system uses a process similar to that used by physicians in ultrasound therapies. The Soo~Soft system creates a healthy and environmentally safe alternative to salt or chemical based units.

Lime scale is the bane of hard water. Crystals of hard calcium form on and in everything that hard water touches. It does not limit itself to sinks, tubs, and toilet bowls alone. It also forms on clothes, skin, hair, and teeth. These crystals of calcium take up space in the water preventing soap and detergents from making suds. Hard calcium crystals can also be a skin irritant. Showering and shaving with hard water often creates skin irritation.

In commercial and industrial environments lime scale crystals clog everything that water touches. This effect doubles and triples where heat is involved. Hot water heaters, dishwashers, and industrial cooling equipment foul with hard scale and require early replacement.

Scale is a thermal insulator preventing equipment and appliances from operating efficiently. This often doubles energy costs in many homes and businesses. The energy costs for scale deposits in the United States are billions of dollars per year.

The Soo~Soft system works through the use of a computer and digital amplifier without requiring plumbing alterations. The digital signals created by the unit are driven into a coil that surrounds a section of pipe. These signals progressively break down the larger crystals of calcium that form scale and convert them into a soft form similar in size to talcum powder. The digital amplifier is designed very high in power so that the Soo~Soft system works reliably in all forms of hard water.

In less than 90 days the Soo~Soft system dissolves all existing lime scale in a home or business, while making the water soft. As it continues to operate, it softens the incoming water and prevents the further formation of lime scale. As it is an all-electronic unit, it requires no maintenance, salt, or other chemicals for its operation, making it completely user and environmentally friendly.

Further information is available at http://www.soo-soft.com

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Soo~Soft is manufactured by Pro-Mrkt Corp

208 N. Main St. Burlington, WI. 53105

Contact: Thomas Anderson/CTO

(800) 234-1810

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