Over 1 Million Kids in the USA attended an A & E Hospital Department Last Year Due to Contamination Poisoning resulting from Household Cleaning Products

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99% of all cleaning products purchased today contain chemicals, toxins, bleaches, etc which are harmful to our health.

In 2005 over 1.5 million kids under the age of five were admitted to A&E Departments due to poisoning from household cleaning products.

In today;s world, our health is very important to us and therefore people have growing concerns about chemicals and toxins used in cleaning products.

Today's adults are paying a lot more attention to health issues in order to protect themselves and their children from harmful health risks. Household cleaning products are today finally been exposed for their risks to our health

Many parents still continue to purchase home cleaning products which are expensive and pose huge health risks to their family.

The day has come to alert our loved ones to what exactly is really hidden in those cleaning products stored beneath our sinks and find out the risks they pose to our families health.

99% of all cleaning products purchased today contain harmful chemicals, toxins, bleaches, etc and are all know to cause side effects and long term health issues.

In the USA, alone approximately thirty million pounds worth of cleaning products are emptied down the drain every 24 hrs. Many of these cleaning products contain toxins and chemical compound properties which do not break down correctly resulting in Environmental contamination.

One example of what people need to know about when wiping down their counter tops in the kitchen using a typical anti-bacterial house cleaner product is,

If a child rubs their hands along a counter top surface that has been sprayed and wiped clean only seconds ago,

Many people would think it perfectly safe to eat food from that counter top or if a child leaves a bun or a sweet down on that counter top that it is safe to pick it up and continue to eat it. In fact the counter top will be layered with toxins and chemicals.

You may be avoiding germs on your counter top with the current anti bacterial cleaners but your skin is still wide open to chemicals and toxin contamination.

So how does one avoid contamination poisoning from such household cleaning products and keep their family safe from cleaning products that contain such chemicals and toxins which are harmful to our health.

The answer is to source cleaning products than contain no chemicals, are non-toxic and contain no bleaches etc.

One such company based out of Dublin, Ireland have just launched a new revolution in health cleaning products.

A powder that when mixed with water will replace 99% of all cleaning products on the market. The product contains no chemicals or toxins. The powder will match any cleaner out there and contains no bleach etc making it the perfect new cleaning solution for the home or office.

The company developed and produced a new healthy cleaning solution to protect ourselves but it also comes with a price tag that is approx 50% cheaper than most high street household cleaning products..

The company is so confident that their product will become a household name within the next 3 years that they are offering a free demo cleaning sample kit to all website visitors.

Once people try this new cleaning product they will come back for more and that is how confident the company are about this New cleaning solution. Try the free sample kits from the site.

Powder Clean is owned by Mr. Mc Cann a well-known and successful e-businessman who also founded one of the worlds first VoiP companies. “3wtel” The 3wtel communication service hit the Internet back in 2002 offering free phone calls over the internet and quickly became a success story.

Powder Clean will protect family health and will come with a price tag of approx 50% cheaper than all know cleaning products currently on the market shelfs.

Powder Clean is a win win for both health and wallet.

Try Powderclean for free today at http://www.powderclean.com


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