Old Cell Phones Get A New Lease On Life With Cellular Funds

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Innovative organization Cellular Funds helps create a new life for used cell phones with their cell phone donations program. With environmental and social benefits, it’s a program that’s win/win for everyone.

With over 200 million cell phone subscribers in the United States alone, this useful technology is creating a serious environmental issue. Thankfully, many people and organizations are recognizing that they shouldn’t just dump their old cell phone in the garbage when they get a new one, but are now investigating cell phone recycling. In fact, California recently passed a law banning throwing cell phones away.

“When I got a new service provider, I decided to upgrade my phone at the same time. I didn’t just want to throw my old one out, because I figured it could still be useful to someone else,” states Sheila Hutton, 36 from Ohio. “I started looking into cell phone donations and cell phone recycling to find out my options,” she explains.

Millions, like Hutton, want to do the right thing when they are finished with their cell phone. Cellular Funds is a unique organization providing opportunities for individuals and organizations interested in helping to breathe new life into an old cell phone.

Cellular Funds assists non-profit groups to raise funds through the collection of used cell phones. “We realized the growing need to address the cell phone waste that was collecting in landfills. With our fundraising program, individuals and companies collect used cell phones and we in turn provide cell phone donations or arrange for cell phone recycling,” explains Jim Bartiromo, President of Cellular Funds.

“Non-profit organizations collecting the cell phones benefit because they receive funds for the phones they collect. It’s also a win for those that receive the reissued cell phones. For instance, these cell phones can be programmed for 911 emergency calls for spousal abuse victims. As well, we send them abroad to third world countries to help them become part of the wireless community. Finally cell phone recycling increases because those redistributed phones aren’t laying in a landfill,” he concludes.

Non-profit groups interested in this unique fundraising idea that facilitates cell phone recycling and reuse should check out their website at http://www.cellularfunds.com.

About Us:

Cellular Funds was established to help organizations raise funds through the collection of used cell phones. There are over a 100 million cell phones currently lying in homes across the U.S, and they strongly believe the potential to raise substantial revenues for non-profit organizations currently exists.

Cellular Funds also realizes the growing need many organizations have to ensure certain e-waste is recycled in to ensure personal information stored on the phones is disposed of properly. Security is a crucial issue these days with many companies keeping their old phones, rather than take a chance that others might retrieve the stored information. Cellular Funds appreciates this concern and are collaborating with recyclers to ensure security is a paramount concern for its customers.

Finally, by keeping these phones out of landfills, Cellular Funds is protecting the environment. Tons of e-waste fills landfills each year. The collective effect of millions of cell phones to the environment is staggering. In 2006, it will be illegal to dispose of your cell phone in California. Other states will soon follow. Together, everyone can help to make a difference.

Bringing these opportunities to your organization is the goal of Cellular Funds.


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