New Drug-Free Method for Depression Often Works When Nothing Else Will

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A quiet revolution is underway in the treatment of depression, guilt, anger, and other destructive emotions. Instead of drugs or psychoanalysis, psychologists and counselors are using Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT, which combines focused thought with fingertip tapping on key acupressure points. They claim a high success rate with lasting results.

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Depression is one of the most difficult and expensive conditions affecting Americans today. Despite a century of medical research, no one has found a treatment that works – and the number of patients affected by depression continues to increase.

But a growing number of psychologists, medical doctors, and other health care practitioners say that a simple do-it-yourself acupressure tapping technique called EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) can alleviate depression and other destructive emotions within minutes, with lasting results. The procedure is described in a free manual available from

Psychiatrists used to approach depression and other emotional conditions with talk therapy, but discussing the past seldom brought relief. Today’s psychiatrists use psychoactive drugs to treat brain chemistry imbalances. While this approach may suppress symptoms, it doesn’t address the condition’s underlying causes, and when drugs are discontinued, symptoms recur.

Fred Gallo, PhD., a Pittsburgh-area psychologist and editor of the book Energy Psychology in Psychotherapy, has patients focus on unhappy events, but at the same time he has them gently tap on EFT’s key acupuncture points.

“Using EFT,” he says, “I have successfully treated fears, phobias, depression, trauma, and addictions. Its effects are rapid, dramatic, and deep.”

Since developing EFT fifteen years ago, Stanford-trained engineer Gary Craig has trained thousands of health care professionals.

“Depression responds very well to EFT,” he says. “In most cases the depressed feelings vanish or are materially reduced within a few minutes of applying it. No drugs are involved. Also, repeated applications of EFT often eliminate these feelings permanently so that they no longer reappear on a daily, weekly or monthly basis."

According to Craig, most EFT practitioners report an 80-percent success rate in treating depression and other unresolved emotional issues. Its basic premise is that the underlying cause of all negative emotions, including depression, is an energy block in one or more of the body’s meridians, the same energy pathways mapped thousands of years ago by Chinese physicians.

“The combination of tapping and mental focus releases the energy blocks,” he explains, “and the symptoms they cause are released at the same time.”

EFT is a new procedure, but already more than 300,000 – including thousands of health care practitioners – have downloaded its free manual from
and an additional 10,000 download it every month. The manual is available in nine languages, and EFT practitioners around the world, especially in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Japan, and Australia, teach EFT classes and work with clients.

For additional information, contact Gary Craig at 707-785-2848.


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