New Title from Jeff Hoke: The Museum of Lost Wonder

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The Museum of Lost Wonder offers a thought-provoking blend of quantum physics, metaphysics, graphic novel, philosophy and the coolest activity book adult readers are likely find.

By day, Jeff Hoke is Senior Exhibit Designer for the Monterey Bay Aquarium where wonders of the aquatic variety never cease. Fortunately, for all of us, Hoke's wondering didn't start or stop there. With The Museum of Lost Wonder (Weiser Books, September 2006) Hoke shows us that wonders abound everywhere in life if we open our hearts and minds, and never cease to explore.

The Museum of Lost Wonder offers a thought-provoking blend of quantum physics, metaphysics, graphic novel, philosophy, and the coolest activity book for adults readers are likely find.

While providing historical examples, challenges to common myth, and lessons from the philosophical practice of alchemy, Hoke has built a museum accessible to all, in book format, where he allows readers to play the part of curator, scientist, and first-time visitor as they ponder life’s biggest questions: Who am I? What is reality? Where do I fit into the world?

The Museum of Lost Wonder, through its eight exhibit halls (representing the eight stages of the alchemical process), is a place to search for meaning. It likens everyday experience to a creative museum of art and science. Arranged as a museum tour, the book takes basic philosophical questions and puts them in the format of exhibit articles and activities, complete with easy do-it-yourself experiments and pull-out models that readers can build. The eight halls include:

-Calcinatio: The Hall of Technology – The Beginning of Everything, Do-It-Yourself Model Universe

-Solutio: The Hall of Acquaria – Who Are You?, Do-It-Yourself Model Scrying Mandala

-Coagulatio: The Zoological Garden – What Is Reality?, Do-It-Yourself Model Theater of the Mind

-Sublimatio: The Observatory – How To Have Visions, Do-It-Yourself Model Hypnotrope

-Mortificatio: The Mausoleum of History – The Darker Side of Museums, Do-It-Yourself Model Muse-a-um

-Separatio: The Laboratory of Science and Faith – Where Are You Going?, Do-It-Yourself Model Path of Destiny Peep Show

-Conjunctio: The Gallery to the Arts – The Meaning of Life, Do-It-Yourself Model Carousel of Life

-Circulatio: The Entrance, Exit, and Circulation Hall – A Drama in Laboratory Terms

“This informative guide coupled with sharp graphic illustrations and hands-on activities to stimulate the imagination, The Museum of Lost Wonder presents a fresh way to approach many of the oldest questions pondered by humankind. I was impressed to see how Jeff Hoke was able to bring these ideas to life through paper. He has truly put the 'wonder' in this Wunderkammen of the mind,” said Robert Sabuda, artist and paper engineer of Winter's Tale.

Before the late 1700s and the ushering in of modern science, there was a time when scientists were philosophers, and physicians were metaphysicians. Hoke’s museum offers us a glimpse back to when alchemy was about ideas and the inner process of discovery; when science, art, philosophy and spirituality were explored in tandem. He draws us back, but at the same time pulls us into the present by demonstrating that alchemy is clearly making a comeback – that science and spirit are coming together again.

Find yourself in The Museum of Lost Wonder.

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Jeff Hoke is a senior designer at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Previously he worked as an exhibit designer for the Field Museum in Chicago. He lives in Monterey, California. He can be found online at


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