Announces the Facts About Swimming Pool Safety Covers

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Ian Murray, President of commented, " has received so many calls from misinformed consumers we were compelled to make this announcement. Swimming pool safety covers help eliminate accidental drownings and having a properly informed public is good for them and good for our industry."

According to, there's been a good deal of disinformation present about swimming pool safety covers. It's a very competitive market and some sales people will say whatever they have say, regardless of the well being of the consumer, to ensure their piece of the safety cover business pie. "We've fielded so many calls from consumers that were under the impression that it was okay to use a stock size safety cover on a non-stock sized pool," commented Ian Murray President of He went on to delineate the scenario in our interview. Because a stock safety cover is less expensive than custom safety covers many consumers are drawn to the lower price tag without the safety cover sales person discussing the down side of this practice. "The consumer who wants to do this should be told what happens to the warranty and the safety cover when this is done," commented Ian Murray.

All safety covers are made with wear guards sewn into the underside of each connecting strap. This wear guard is positioned to protect the strap where it comes in contact with the concrete deck. This is an area that without the wear guard the safety cover will fail in two to three years.

Mr. Murray went on to explain a common story he's heard over the years. A pool owner has a 12' x 25' in ground pool and the consumer wants to purchase a safety cover to protect their young children. Safety covers are expensive and moneys a little tight with all these little mouths to feed. The consumer sees that the next standard size safety cover is a 12' x 27'. They know stock standard sizes will be less expensive than a custom size safety cover. They call the retailer and ask if using a standard 12' x 27' safety cover on a 12' x 25' is okay. The sales person says it's fine and the consumer buys the cover. The consumer installs the safety cover thinking everything is fine...problem solved and they have saved money in the process. Now It's 3 years later and it's time to close the pool and install the now, two year old safety cover. While installing the safety cover the consumer will notice a wear pattern has developed the mesh or solid fabric in the long ends of the cover. "Like where your wallet sits in your blue jeans," interjected Mr. Murray with a smile. Like the faded spot where your wallet sits in your blue jeans the consumer doesn't pay too much attention.

Next comes the first big storm of the the fall. heavy rain and high winds. The consumer awakes the following morning and see their 2 year old safety cover lying in their swimming pool. They know they discussed the 12 year warranty with the sales person. They'll send the cover back to the manufacturer thinking most of the replacement cost will be covered by the manufacturer. A few weeks pass without a response. It's beginning to get cold and they need to close and cover their pool so they call the manufacturer. After several minutes on hold the consumer explains their situation, thinking they'll get some sort of satisfaction. First thing they will tell the consumer is that the warranty is void. They'll ask why? The manufacturer will say that the wear pattern that caused this cover to fail was due to improper installation which voids the warranty. They will ask the consumer if they read the safety cover warranty. The consumer will ask how do you know it was installed improperly. The manufacturer, like the TV show Columbo, will proceed to explain to the consumer that their pool was 12' x 25' and the cover is a 12' x 27' and the pool is 2 feet to short for this cover. They know this all by the nature of the wear pattern in the fabric where the cover failed. "These safety cover manufacturers have warranty specific teams just to inspect claims and most are pretty good at what they do," interrupts Mr. Murray However, the manufacturer concedes the sides were just fine and for $400.00 they would be happy to fix it so this could happen in another 2 years. The consumer will have no option but to purchase a new safety custom cover.

So here's the point; if the consumer is just looking for a short term solution and they aren't worried about safety cover longevity or whether the warranty is voided the retailer should sell it to the consumer as long as their is full disclosure. But if the consumer wants a product that will last and has a valid warranty; then it's worth a little extra time and money up front that it takes to get a custom safety cover made.

"We've heard this story so many times we as a company felt we had to publicly inform the in ground pool owners. has been built by giving our customers honest answers to honest questions so we felt compelled this season to go public with the facts about safety covers."

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