Experts Warn of Childhood Obesity Pandemic but Helps Parents Fight Back

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Childhood obesity is becoming a pandemic. Parents need to help children make better nutritional choices, and get them involved in exercise programs.

Eric Bonilla, spokesperson for, is worried about obesity in the US. Among the most worrying problems are skyrocketing rates of obesity among children, which make them much more prone to chronic diseases as they grow older and could shave years off their lives, experts said. Bonilla said, however, his company has the keys for making exercise fun and productive, helping kids shed excess weight.

The children in this generation may be the first in history to die before their parents because of health problems related to weight, Kate Steinbeck, an expert in children's health at Sydney's Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, said in a statement.

It is also a well-documented fact that today’s kids are less physically active then kids were a generation ago. Television, video games, and computers have turned today’s kids into sedentary “couch potatoes,” Eric Bonilla, Fitness Professional at Premier Sport & Fitness, said in a statement.

Obesity in children has doubled over the past two decades,and is now approaching a pandemic. This gain in body fat is associated with a lack of physical activity and poor nutritional habits (American Academy of Pediatrics, July 2000).

Participation in a youth fitness program is a wonderful way to get children of all ages and abilities to consistently take part in a fun, challenging workout that will improve their self esteem, fitness level, and show them fitness is fun! Children need to exercise for the same reasons adults do.

Regular physical activity is linked to a wide array of physical and medical health advantages (American Medical Association, 2000).

Children involved in regular exercise earn better grades and have better social skills than those who are not (American Psychological Association, 2000).            

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