The Cure for the "Ugly Home Syndrome"

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New Book Release: What NOT to Build-Do’s and Don’ts of Exterior Home Design. By: Sandra Edelman, Judy Gaman, Robby Reid, R.A.

If you drive through any new neighborhood around the country your eye immediately finds the “ugly” homes that fall prey to common design mistakes. An architect and two designers from Texas could not take the design ignorance any longer and decided to collaborate together to write a book showing homeowners how to fix the most common design mistakes.

What Not to Build explores the design principles of scale, proportion, balance, rhythm, and consistent architectural style in an easy-to-understand way so that any homeowner can apply them. Written by experienced professionals in the field of home design and building, the authors provide an authoritative and solid voice of the current status of the country’s exterior home design. Co-author Judy Gaman, says that the builders’ bloopers are becoming the rule not the exception. “American builders and homeowners finally have a guide.”

According to co-author Sandra Edelman, the intent of the book is to help the average person see and experience good architecture again. “We’ve found that once people see a mistake and see the solution, they never forget it. People who read this book will look at the houses they buy, live in, and remodel with fresh eyes—and they will insist on good design.”

For the average person, sound design principles may not be common knowledge, and trying to articulate how they would like their house designed may be difficult. What Not to Build presents the guidelines of building, creating a “visual literacy” of the most fundamental architectural principles for the reader. Each design concept is thoroughly explained in Chapter 1. Other chapters concentrate on specific elements of the home, such as the roof, dormers, front entry, and more. There are also chapters that focus on ornamentation, selecting materials, proportion and balance, eclectic architecture, 360-degree architecture, and landscaping.

A home is one of the greatest financial purchases that one will make, but good design does not have to be an expensive endeavor. Co-author Robby Reid compares this book to an independent film studio versus a big film studio. “You don’t need a mega budget or high priced talent to produce a blockbuster. The little guy with less money and equal knowledge can produce the award winner.” In fact, many of the solutions presented in this book would have cost less if the original homes were designed with sound principles.

With What Not to Build, readers will be well equipped to design a beautiful home of their own or to make a cosmetic correction to an existing home.

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