Story Telling and Information Marketing

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Information Marketing and Story -telling they want it, they need It - and It can explode your profits.

A young man strolls in a used bookshop, just browsing.

Buzzing around in his head is an image, an impression of wealth, recognition and a burning desire to succeed beyond athletics.

The musty odor of the bookshop made him feel that he was walking back in time, and for a moment, he was.

Rows - and - rows of old and used books and magazines, towering above his head, it was as if the bookshelves were skyscrapers in New York City.

The lighting was not too bright but not bright enough to read a book.

Glancing twice as he passed some old Playboy magazines but that was not of his seeking.

Rounding another bookshelf he came to the section of his interest, the young man began scanning the rows of books.

The ritual began, removing some books having a look, replacing and moving on.

The ritual he was performing reminded him of the story of “The Touchstone”; he smiled, as knowing that indeed, that may be the case.

Suddenly he came across a book that caught his interest; more than his interest, it actually felt warm.

For most people, the book of interest would have looked “hokey” and would not merit the time to remove it from its present home.

Eyes widening, leafing through its eighty-year-old pages he decisively moved out to the check out, “touchstone” in hand. Excitedly paying the three-dollar price for his selection, leaving the shop much faster than he entered, he dreamed his way home.

Five years later the young man had become a multi-millionaire, now teaching others how to do the same.

Info Marketing or information marketing, the low to almost no overhead door to wealth, recognition and independence. Information marketing is not new; it has been around for hundreds if not thousands of years.

It is simply selling information. Now that isn’t sexy is it?

The information could be something that you have a great passion about, like a hobby or interest. It could very well be your trade or profession which you have a wealth of experience and information.

It may be about something that you have always been interested in but never got around to learning. Well, this would give anyone ample opportunity to research the subject now, wouldn’t it?

The facts are that if you have an interest in a subject, a trade or profession that you know about, even a subject that you want to lean about, there are thousands of people seeking that specific knowledge and they are willing to open their purses, wallets and bank accounts to get your ‘info’ without doing it themselves.

All you have to do is the research, or compile your expertise and write it out.

Research the entire fine points, hidden archives and make it unique… Information that is’ irresistible' to a buyer seeking that specific information.

Even if you know a subject well there is always more to learn about it.

Use stories, picture and metaphorically make it a mind magnet™ of information.

You do not have to be a literary scholar to write a ‘how to’ book, manual or report. The more down to earth and folksy the better.

In addition, you do not need a publisher, and you do not even need to do the writing.

The young man that entered the bookstore, went home and began reprinting the book from an author he never met, never negotiated a deal, never done anything except republished the book.

That’s right, no royalties no nothing except his time and the printing costs.

His efforts or due diligence has sold thousands of books around the world, all from his persistence, his desire and knowledge about public domain.

From this $3.00 investment, time, and a passion for excellence he created a program that sells for over $400. He has moved from that and created other products, and became an expert in the internet-marketing field. Speaking, teaching and always broadening his horizons as a true entrepreneur.

All from a Burning Desire, some information that was purchased by him, and his acquired knowledge from that information, purchasing other information that he transformed into his ‘Touchstone’.

The preceding story is true in its context; the story, created.

We think in pictures. We remember good stories that move our emotions- allowing us to invade the story and be the character of our choice. When we tell a story about our business, ourselves our product, it stays with the potential client or customer…. thus selling information with a preceding story ‘STICKS’.

Information marketing. Get the whole story + several more custom made stories.


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