SwingKeys Clips A Golf Pro To Your Bag

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New golf product provides tips and techniques for a better game.

Your second shot on the seventeenth hole just got buried in the sand trap. You’re one up on your buddy who’s constantly ribbing you that you’ve never won a round and you can’t remember that critical tip you learned to hit out of the sand. What do you do? One San Francisco Bay Area based company, SwingKeys, promises to give you the expert advice you need to “unlock your game” in one handy card set that clips right to your golf bag!

Founded in 2001, by Clayton Lloyd, a seasoned business expert, noted entrepreneur, and avid golf enthusiast, SwingKeys, LLC’s mission is to design, develop and market “pocket size” instructional tools to enhance sports performance.

The first product launched by the company, SwingKeys Golf, was created to help players of all levels to lower their scores and get more enjoyment out of the game. By offering handy tips on rules, etiquette, grip, posture, alignment, ball position, swing, chipping, putting and bunker play, Swing Keys Golf provides professional advice at a glance.

“I started to take up golf in earnest when I moved to a golf community several years ago. I was one of those guys that took lessons, read all the books and articles, and watched all of the videos on the subject, but had a hard time transferring that information to my performance when I was out on the course,” says Lloyd. “That’s when I decided to put a series of golf tips on home made flip cards that I could carry with me. After using them for a short period of time, I went from shooting 120+ for 18 holes to a 12 handicap!” he continued.

Lloyd said that his buddies on the course noticed the big improvement in his game and started asking for copies of his tip cards. He made photocopies of his set on card stock and started giving them away. The response he got from friends and colleagues was amazing. “I realized that there was a real need for quick handy information, not only for golf, but for all kinds of sports,” said Lloyd.

Working with golf pros and other experts, Lloyd created his first professional version of SwingKeys Golf, complete with illustrations, photos, and a slick aluminum carabineer that clips right to any golf bag. Soon, just by word of mouth, orders started coming in from Fortune 500 companies including PepsiCo and Wells Fargo, for large quantities of SwingKeys to be used as a promotional tool at golf tournaments.

Today, Lloyd reports that thousands of golfers across the country have now used SwingKeys with testimonials flooding in from amateurs to pros. “Even my six-year old grandson, Jalen, uses SwingKeys. He’s been golfing since the age of 2 and now plays the back nine at his local golf course every week,” says Lloyd proudly.

Additional SwingKeys products are now under development for a wide range of sports. For the first time, SwingKeys Golf is available for individual purchase for $9.95 on their website. You can learn more by visiting http://www.SwingKeys.com.


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