A New Program Emerges in a Sea of “Get Rich Quick Schemes” That Promises to Change the Way People Look at Real Estate Investing

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Realistic Flipping is a program that teaches beginners how to flip real estate in a careful and deliberate manner. Not just a book -- Realistic Flipping is a program that includes direct contact with the authors for guidance through the home flipping process.

Realistic Flipping helps people navigate the home flipping process with a book and through direct contact with the authors. Realistic Flipping is for the person who has been turned off by the “get rich quick schemes” on late night TV but wants to know how to flip real estate in a realistic way.

Jim Cunningham, co-author of “Realistic Flipping – A Beginner’s Guide to Renovating Homes for Profit,” says, “this is not a get rich quick program. It is more like a plan to become rich carefully and with certainty.” The book is intended for people who are considering starting a business flipping houses. The book is also intended for those who saw an ugly home and wonder what it would take to flip this house. It discusses everything from how to know if you have the ability and resources to enter into the home flipping business to how to make a contractor charge you less than his other customers. The book also discusses unethical “flipping” and makes it clear that if people want to partake in unethical or illegal behavior they should look elsewhere for advice.

An ordained minister, Jim Cunningham believes that his success in renovating homes for a profit has a lot to do with his company’s high ethical standards. “Our neighbors love us -- but not at first. When we purchase a beat up home you can see the neighbors become distressed because they expect us to be the typical investor who just puts a coat of paint over a staircase that is about to fall down. After a couple of weeks the neighbors start to change their opinions of us because they see us doing substantial improvements. By the end of the project they wish they could move into the place! They are delighted that the house next door improved their neighborhood and raised their property value as well.”

“The book and program nearly created themselves,” Mr. Cunningham stated. “Once it was obvious to our friends that we were extremely successful in flipping real estate they wanted to know how to do it. Some actually started their own businesses, so we wrote down the advice that we gave them over coffee, on the phone and via email. Two hundred thirty-some odd pages later and we had a book!”

When asked how this book differs from others on the market, Jim responded, “There are a few good books out there, but a book is just a book. How many times have you read a how-to book and were left with more questions than when you started? Flipping real estate is infinitely complex, and while all of the issues we thought of are in the book, there will undoubtedly be many questions our readers have -- questions that we have answers to. So rather than leave our readers to figure things out for themselves, we have created an online forum for the people who purchase the book. In the forum, readers can ask me and the other forum members for answers to their specific questions. Many members consider the personal attention they receive in the forum to be worth many times the cost of the program.”

For additional information, contact Jim Cunningham or visit Realistic Flipping.


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