Rip-Offs & Con Men on the Internet Finally Being Slowed Down by the "Rich in Health News" Newsletter

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Rich in Health News, to rate and review websites and help educate Internet consumers to make better informed decisions & choices before purchasing products, services, how to information and programs online from unscrupulous website owners out to take advantage of consumers.

The "Rich in Health News" a newsletter owned by Shelby and Cindy Simmons of "Rich in Health Internet Marketing Reviews" is now being published twice a month for wary Internet consumers. The publication is FREE to anyone who wants to subscribe.

The "Rich in Health News" is a new, very different, newsletter whose time has come states Simmons. "It is a desperately needed publication that reviews, products, services, how to information, programs and most web businesses found on the Internet.

We also promote selected online businesses on our website. We choose the best sites to promote to better inform consumers about which really is the best in their field on the Internet” says Simmons. Our hopes with our new "Rich in Health News" is to help consumers make a more informed decision before they buy products, information, programs or services.

Simmons states, in the beginning when we started our Internet business, we were just overwhelmed by all the information we got from the self styled gurus and experts promising us instant financial freedom with our new website if we bought their information!

We were taken advantage of because we didn't know any better. We have been ripped off and lost money, not to mention the time lost in building our business. We did not know the best available, or what information to buy then or whom to buy from! "BUT WE DO NOW", and we are going to pass on our findings to consumers, both on our website and in our newsletter.

"We are on a mission now", Simmons proclaims, “and we do not want others to lose money and have their dreams shattered as ours almost were". This is why "Rich in Health News" was born!

Have you ever wondered who owns the website you are looking at? Are they honest, reliable and dependable? What if you are not satisfied with your purchase? Will your money be refunded? Are their products or services any good? Is the information you are about to buy worth the money spent on it, or are you going to get bogus junk and get RIPPED OFF?

These are the questions that you will never have to ask yourself again if you subscribe to the "Rich in Health News".

Shelby & Cindy Simmons state, "We search hundreds of websites each day to find the top 1% of over 5.6 million known listed websites we can access, not all at once of course, to find the very best ones to promote on our website and report on twice a month in our newsletter.

We feature the best, most reliable and honest businesses we have chosen to promote and do business with and we are sure that our subscribers can now shop with confidence.

As a an added BONUS, just for signing up, you will get the awesome ebook "Work From Home" "A Complete Guide to Developing a Successful Internet Business at Home"!

If you would like to subscribe to "Rich in Health News" go to their website and sign up.


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