International Decade of Nutrition Inaugurated Today by Natural Solutions Foundation

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“The International Decade of Nutrition” was initiated today by the Natural Solutions Foundation, a global health and health freedom advocacy organization. Nutritional deficiencies, or "under nutrition", accounts for nearly 2/3 of the global burden of disease according to the WHO which characterizes the diseases of under nutrition as a preventable epidemic of non-communicable killer diseases including cancers, cardiovascular disease/stroke, diabetes and obesity. The Natural Solutions Foundation provides information to developing nations about nutritional strategies to prevent and cure these killer diseases and legal strategies to fend off WTO sanctions which violate the pro-illness threat presented by Codex Alimentarius. Since Codex treats nutrients as toxins while permitting dangerous levels of real toxins in foods, pro-health nutritional strategies are at odds with Codex standards and guidelines.

“The International Decade of Nutrition” was inaugurated today by the Natural Solutions Foundation ( , a global not-for-profit health and health freedom advocacy organization as a world-wide effort end world hunger and promote world health. When the International Decade of Nutrition ends in 2016, the Natural Solutions Foundation goal is the global end of the diseases of under nutrition.

To make high potency nutrients available globally, the Foundation advocates making the 1994 US Dietary Supplements Health and Education Act (DSHEA) the global standard for nutrients. The social and human costs of these diseases currently account for nearly 90% of all deaths world wide. The non communicable diseases of under nutrition (NCDs) include cancers, cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity, plus infectious diseases like tuberculosis, hepatitis and HIV/AIDS.

A 2002 World Health Organization (WHO) report (, said “Nutrition is coming to the fore as a major modifiable determinant of chronic disease.” WHO found, 79% of deaths in the developing world were caused by preventable NCDs preferentially impacting the young and the poor. NCDs accounted for approximately 59% of the global burden of disease and will rise sharply by 2020.    

The Natural Solutions Foundation announced today it will use legal and nutritional strategies achieve its goal of ending world hunger and promoting world health. Pro-health nations can be hit with World Trade Organization (WTO) trade sanctions for creating a “barrier to trade” so the Natural Solutions Foundation has created a strategy to help pro-health countries.

The Natural Solutions Foundation guidance document, the “Codex eBook” © , (, outlines the nutritional and legal strategy involved in adopting DSHEA and is available for download on the Natural Solutions Foundation site,( or in a hard copy by contacting the Natural Solutions Foundation at .

The WTO institutionalizes under nutrition when it enforces compliance with pro-illness standards and guidelines promulgated Codex Alimentarius. Codex treats nutrients as if they were dangerous industrial toxins while permitting pesticides, veterinary drugs, growth hormones, heavy metals and other significant commercial toxins in food at high levels. Toxins increase the need for nutrients so Codex favors the development widespread chronic diseases of under nutrition. Nutritional/herbal supplements plus clean, unadulterated food can eliminate these diseases.

DSHEA, a unique pro-health US law, treats nutrients (e.g., dietary supplements, herbs and homeopathic formulations) as foods. As foods, no upper limits can be imposed on their use. Nutrients are safe and effective and have important clinical impact in preventing, mitigating, treating and curing the diseases of under nutrition.

More than190 million Americans use nutrients regularly: nutrients are the safest health-related substances on the planet. Most countries either restrict dietary supplements or do not have a tradition of wide-ranging access to high quality supplements which could eliminate the chronic degenerative and infectious diseases which kill hundreds of millions each year. The International Decade of Nutrition will bring DSHEA and its health benefits to the developing countries of the world to counter the pro-illness impact of standards and guidelines of Codex.

DSHEA was passed because consumer outrage exploded when the US Congress was planning to remove consumer access to nutritional supplements. Bowing to public furor and demand, Congress passed DSHEA by unanimous Congressional consent. DSHEA allows US consumers to take a wide variety of supplements in a vast array of forms. Americans use dietary supplements, herbs and homeopathic preparations for health promotion, disease prevention and the treatment of nutrition-related diseases including NCDs. By making DSHEA the global standard, these deadly diseases can be eliminated from the lives – and deaths – of most of the world’s population.

The single greatest impediment to this advance the Codex Alimentarius Commission”(CAC). The restrictive pro-illness Codex Vitamin and Mineral Guideline (VMG, ratified July 4, 2005, Rome) treats vitamins and minerals as toxins whose upper limits must be determined by “risk assessment” (RA), a technique used in toxicology to determine the highest dose of a poison which can be given to a human being without any discernible impact. That limit is then divided by 100 to allow a “margin of safety”. The VMG limits upper doses of nutrients to levels which do not exceed those found in unprocessed food. Since ubiquitous and specific toxins increase the need for nutrients, this short-sighted and dangerous Codex text both mandates and institutionalizes deadly levels of under nutrition.

A WHO Workshop on the Application of Risk Assessment to Nutrients (May, 2005, published January, 2006), convened at the request of Codex (2004), recommends that the VMG be expanded to include all nutrients (which includes the active ingredients in natural products like herbs), and improbably defines a nutrient-related adverse event as “any change in a bio-marker.”

Many of Codex’s more than 5,000 standards and guidelines degrade the integrity of the food supply and health. The Natural Solutions Foundation and Citizen’s Codex Working Group has crafted a comprehensive strategy which allows nations to protect their people from toxins and under nutrition while avoiding WTO trade sanctions. This procedure, the “Codex 2 Step”©, can be applied by pro-health countries to any of the damaging or dangerous standards and guidelines promulgated by Codex. Once a country has adopted a revised and more scientifically valid standard or guideline than a Codex text (Step 1), it must then enact national legislation to makerevised standard or guideline becomes national law (Step 2). Having carried out the required two step process, the country is then free to engage in manufacture and trade (including export) of items which would otherwise be prohibited by the Codex standards and guidelines. For example, high potency nutritional supplements permitted under a DSHEA-type law violate the restrictive and deadly Codex VMG.

Although CAC standards and guidelines are accepted by the WTO as a standard by which international trade disputes involving food can be settled, other standards may be used to determine the trade standards countries may use despite. Many countries are not unaware that Codex texts are merely advisory, not compulsory. This confusion was clarified by the Codex Secretariat on July 3, 2006 at the CAC meeting in Geneva. If a nation adopts legislation modeled on DSHEA, for example, the model legislation presented in the Codex eBook ©), for example, it could expect to be immune from economically disastrous WTO trade sanctions which otherwise would punish it for not complying with those texts. Without following the appropriate Codex 2 Step © legal procedure, adopting DSHEA-like law might be viewed by the WTO as creating a barrier to trade. To prevent that outcome, the Natural Solutions Foundation advises decision-makers in developing countries on the political and legal course of action necessary to adopt pro health strategies.

Codex' VMG is a re-run of the anti-nutrient strategy which failed in the US but led to the passage of DSHEA: restrict nutrients and leave no natural options available to deal with the prevention and treatment of the nutritionally-based chronic degenerative diseases. The Natural Solutions Foundation help countries establish access to unlimited amounts of dietary supplements at their discretion by establishing the principles of DSHEA globally.

Codex governs all aspects of food “from farm to fork”. It was created in 1963 by the United Nations and is run jointly by the World Health Organization (WHO) and Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO). The Natural Solutions Foundation, was recently directly attacked twice by the Chairman of CAC, Dr. Claude Mosha, ( ( for its pro health advocacy of national choice-making. It attends CAC and Codex Committee meetings and visits pro-health countries. The Natural Solutions Foundation meets with high level decision makers, consumer advocates/activists, journalists and pro-health special interest groups. It provides its information without charge including

1.    Science-based information and practical guidance to developing nations about nutritional strategies to prevent and cure nutrient-related killer diseases,

2.    Legal strategies to protect their economies from WTO sanctions.

Unknown to most people, Codex treats nutrients as toxins, limiting their dosage to amounts so low that they have little or no biological activity. At the same time, Codex employs a double standard which favors corporate interests by permitting extraordinarily high health-adverse levels of dangerous toxins like pesticides, veterinary drugs, synthetic growth hormones, heavy metals, preservatives and additives in foods.

The same two step process can be applied to all pro-illness texts ratified by. Selecting a Codex-generated pro-illness problem and then correcting it with the Foundation's two step process can protect pro-health countries against any of Codex's dangerous decisions and Codex's WTO "teeth": trade sanctions. For example, Codex permits devastatingly high levels of dangerous pesticides and veterinary drugs in foods. It supports illness-producing food processing practices like irradiation, mandates the use of health-averse growth hormones and antibiotics in food animals, prohibits advertising, labeling or speech which associates any food component with a health benefit, permits Genetically Modified foods (although whether they must be labeled is not yet clear) and has reintroduced seven globally-banned pesticides back into the food chain. Each of these dangerous practices can be countered by countries committed to protecting the health of their people. By following similar Codex 2 Step © processes (adopt a better standard or guideline based in science and then enable it with national legislation) countries can deal with Codex without being devastated by either ill-health effects or economic assaults.

Embarking on a pro-active campaign to spread the word to countries facing the most serious nutritional deficiencies, Natural Solutions Foundation President, Major General Albert N. Stubblebine III (US Army, Ret.) and Medical Director, Rima E. Laibow, MD, have taken the Codex 2 Step © solution to the countries whose health is most threatened by Codex. They are helping to birth a new coalition of pro-health nations and health advocates. With units in Africa and India, the Natural Solutions Foundation is actively forging a global pro-health community transcending political, religious or economic delineations. Bringing their template to governments and activists, their mission is to promote health and health freedom globally. Funded entirely by donations, their non-commercial stand allows them to gain access to high level leaders around the world. The Natural Solutions Foundation is raising the bar for international health activism. Providing life-saving information to some of the world's neediest countries and encouraging them to set their own standards is a unique contribution to global health freedom. Other groups in the United States and abroad are beginning to follow their lead and advocate solving health and health freedom problems globally through similar hybrids of political, medical and scientific advocacy.

In addition to protecting their people and their economies, those countries which adopt a revised Vitamin and Mineral Guideline and pass DSHEA-based legislation have another advantage. They automatically form a global pro-health trading bloc since they can now engage in international trade of nutrient-dense products without fear of WTO sanctions. Although these countries would not otherwise be Codex-compliant, WTO regulations allow them to engage in such trade since treating nutrients as foods (DSHEA) is based on much stronger science than restricting them as if they were toxins (Codex). The WTO has shown time and again that the stronger science prevails in trade disputes.

The Natural Solutions Foundation is a not for profit tax exempt organization located in New York State.

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