Republican Congressional Hopeful Looks For Judicial Help Concerning 9/11 Wrongdoings

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Mary Maxwell, a Congressional candidate in the GOP primary, lectured yesterday on how to overcome the roadblocks erected by both Congress and the White House with regard to solving the crimes of 9/11. Maxwell lists some rarely used legal methods, and raises the possibility of the court-martial. of Air Force officers.

Mary Maxwell of Concord, New Hampshire, who has a Ph.D. in Politics and is running for her state’s second district seat in the US House of Representatives, spoke on WKXL community radio yesterday. She observed that people are frustrated by the silence from the executive and legislative branches of government at a time when 43% of Americans suspect that 9/11 was an inside job. She points out that the third branch, the judiciary, plus the courts of the 50 states, may offer a way around this roadblock.

“The London 'Bobbies’ were established only a couple of hundred years ago,” Maxwell said. “Before police departments were invented it was up to the injured party to bring a prosecution to court by himself. In the US, at least one state, Kentucky, retains this option of ‘private prosecution’ New Hampshire possibly still has it, depending on the interpretation of the recent Martineau case."

“Another method by which the public overcomes the government’s unwillingness to apprehend a criminal is via grand juries,” Maxwell told her audience. “They are grand because they have 24 instead of 12 jurors. In colonial times a grand jury of citizens, appointed for two years, acted on its own to identify crime and corruption.” Maxwell noted that the website of Dayton Ohio Law School gives a short history of this. “Again, a few states give grand juries their head, but not the federal grand jury -- the kind used when the crime is a federal one. All initiative has been removed from the people and given it to federal prosecutors,” she said.

"Individuals in states that do not have private prosecutions or grand juries with initiative can of course persuade their state legislators to revive those practices," Maxwell noted.

In her radio lecture she commented that “the murder of 2800 people on Sept 11, 2001 in New York has never undergone the investigation that is mandated by New York state law in all cases of death by foul play. Hundreds of thousands of people have signed a petition to New York State Atty Gen Elliot Spitzer to ‘re-open 9/11’ but so far to no avail.”

Republican candidate Mary Maxwell (whose website is pointed out that Congress has more than sufficient legal means to tackle any suspected wrongdoing. “One way is to use its subpoena power to get sworn testimony. Another way is for Congress to flex its muscles against US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales by threatening to impeach him for shirking his duty. Yet, with one or two exceptions, our elected representatives won’t help us with 9/11,” she remarked.

A third way to use the courts regarding 9/11, suggested Maxwell, "would be for persons to file a civil lawsuit requesting damages for injury or economic loss they suffered. As to whether the plaintiff has ‘standing’ to sue, this is often subject to a judge’s discretion. Hence, people go judge-shopping for a judge with a reputation for creativity,“ she said.

"And then there is the availablity of military law," Maxwell added. "Ibelieve at least two Air Force officials must have played a part in 9/11 and they could be court-martialed. That would not require the say-so of the US attorney general. I‘ve seen a video on in which retired US Army Maj. Gen, Stubblebine says emphatically ‘No plane hit the Pentagon.’ Isn’t that a sufficient statement to start an inquiry within the armed services?”

Maxwell repeatedly emphasized that it is important to stay legal when looking for solutions. “One free-lance lynching,” she said, “could bring chaos and we would be like the people of Iraq, not knowing who is in charge. With us it is clear -- the Constitution is in charge.“ And that document was written, she noted, “with an eye to the fact that government members would try their best to make mischief. The Founding Fathers knew all about monarchical power grabs and gave us the means to protect the nation from this routine sort of thing. It isn’t anything to be embarrassed about.”

Lastly Dr Maxwell mentioned, in her one-hour presentation on WKXL radio, “There is a huge number of people who, after 9/11, committed the crime of covering up a crime!

Those persons may be targeted for prosecution. Quite possibly Congresspersons, too, are indictable for the crime of covering up 9/11 crimes,” she suggested. “Many of them will say they believed the official story, but, as the saying goes, ‘Let them tell it to the judge.’ As for us citizens,” Maxwell said, “we should have no fear about opening all of this up to scrutiny. We’ve got rule of law and we might as well enjoy using it.”

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