AquaBar Blows the Myth on Premium Water

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The AquaBar Exposes the truth about designer beverages. Company re-launches it’s comprehensive website and produces the annual guide to hydration.

Not all beverages are created equal. That’s why Jason Boardé, CEO and founder of AquaBar, a unique beverage distribution company based in Beverly Hills, has set out to redefine what we consider “premium” beverages. AquaBar, a company passionate about body hydration and the epicurean movement, imports, markets and distributes premium waters, designer drinks and organic juice and tea products. Once you have seen and sampled the AuqaBar product line and engage with the company, one may change your idea as to what a “premium” beverage looks, taste, and even feel like.

The AquaBar has recently re-launched it’s web platform, increasing it’s offerings by adding more tools, information, content and producing the first “Annual Guide to Hydration”, which is release via Web bi-annually by the company. The AquaBar “Guide” exposes some of the truths about “premium” waters, designer beverages and provides useful information, and is available for print or download at

Quite the exception to a traditional distribution company and importer, the AquaBar doesn’t just distribute everyday product. You want find these brands loaded on a beer truck roaring through city streets waiting to be delivered. These products are quite unique, and the company personally delivers some of the best elixirs on the planet to top hotels, spas, restaurants, cafes, bars and even homes and offices. But what makes the company such a hit is their attitude toward designer beverages.

“We’re a company all about what’s now and next in hydration. We eat, sleep and breathe this stuff everyday; researching the best products from around the globe. Before a brand is added to our portfolio it has to meet certain requirements such as: purity, taste, value, source and aesthetics” says the Aqua Man, Jason Boardé CEO of AquaBar.

“This is a completely new archetype we’ve developed. No other company imports, market, distribute and educates it’s customer base like the AquaBar. Most people are sucked into the hype or marketing spin these so called “premium” beverage companies and distributors put out, they don’t realize that the water they are consuming just may be nothing more than filtered water from a local municipal source. And that applies to both imported and domestic brands.”

“Just because a beverage is imported, has nice packaging or both doesn’t make it premium. Shampoo shape bottles, holograms, 3D effects on bottles and more than flattering claims are all just pretty packaging and marketing spin. In most cases these products are designed to fool the buyer and dress up what we would consider basic water. Don’t get me wrong, these products will get you hydrated just like any other product, but if a buyer is looking to purchase a premium beverage, I feel it is far to deliver on what you promise.”

So makes water “premium” and what Government requirements are in place to help protect buyers? In the U.S., bottled water is regulated by two different agencies; the FDA regulates bottled water and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulates municipal sources. EPA's Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water has issued extensive regulations on the production, distribution and quality of drinking water, including regulations on source water protection, operation of drinking water systems, contaminant levels and reporting.

FDA regulates bottled water as a food. The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FFDCA) provides FDA with broad regulatory authority over food that is introduced or delivered for introduction into interstate commerce, but is fairly vague in defining what is consider premium water. Under the FFDCA, manufacturers are responsible for producing safe, wholesome and truthfully labeled bottled water products. It is a violation of the law to introduce into misbranded products that violate the various provisions of the FFDCA.

“The FDA does a pretty good job at protecting consumers and business, but there focus is more about consumption and not public perception. You’ll find that the FDA has established specific regulations for bottled water, including standard of identity regulations that define types of water, such as spring water or mineral water, but there is no clear language on the definition of what is premium. These regulations require that bottled water be safe and that it be processed, bottled, held and transported under sanitary conditions and nothing more.”

AquaBar continues to educate, distribute and expand it’s message and operations. The company is soon to open two new distribution centers on the East Coast this fall and is ramping up for a new season with some very new and exciting premium products.

To learn more about the AquaBar or Hydration Trends, please visit the company’s website at or contact them directly.


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