Witchcraft in America is on the Rise With Millions Captured in Spiritual Slavery

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Dr. Holliday recounts a woman's story, which proves the rise, and social acceptance of witchcraft in America has caused progressive interest and involvement in the occult thus capturing millions as spiritual slaves. Dr. Pat Holliday's new book, "Walking Dead" captures the Lamb family’s ordeal with a witch in their life. It conveys the truth that “Witchcraft and Satanic worship, coupled with human sacrifices is widespread and happening now!”

Rita Lamb (pseudonym) describes to Dr. Holliday the diabolic attack on her life as a result of associating with Della, the “white witch.” Seemingly impossible but this is a true testimony as told to Dr. Pat Holliday, Ph.D. and it will amaze you. This testimony concerns the Lamb family (pseudonym) living in Central Florida and a white witch that cast spells upon them. Also the witchcraft power used upon the teenagers in the community.

Dr. Pat Holliday presents an excerpt from her newly presented book, "Walking Dead" as a way to show the many encounters with the Satanic supernatural forces of our times. The effect of the witch’s spell was explosive and devastating, almost completely destroying Rita's life.

Mrs. Lamb explains that her ordeal started when, Della, a witch told her that she practiced 'white witchcraft'.

"I really felt sorry for her, of course because I didn't believe in witches and I thought she was just delusional. Imagine her thinking that I would believe that she was a white witch. Witches are only in fairy stories like The Wizard of Oz, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Why everyone knows there are no such things as witches; or so I thought. I thought she only envisioned powers that didn't really exist. She told me she could do many supernatural things. I thought, poor thing, she's in her fifties, perhaps going through menopause. I really did not believe that there could be real witches. It was just her imagination, nonsensical."

"Then, I discovered the reality of her evil power and its source, because it almost cost me my family and life. Supernatural powers are real and unbelief does not protect a person from them." Rita continued her testimony. "She gave me many objects, books with her name and hex sign on them. Della's hex sign was a five-pointed star with a snake twisted around the bottom point, and flying owl at the top." Dr. Holliday tells how Rita's children became cold and rebellious and she was sick with mental instability as well as crippled. Rita fell into a deep sleep for weeks.

As you read Dr. Holliday's book, "Walking Dead" you will discover the surprising - dramatic healing and deliverance of Rita and her family. Read chapter one at the agape publishers website right now and purchase it online. Remember this is not fiction but a true recounting of a real family's torment by a Witch.

Dr. Pat Holliday was called into the Christian ministry in 1975. She received a supernatural anointing in Israel in a Kathryn Kuhlman meeting. God began to bring people to her meetings that needed miracles and deliverance from demons. Dr. Holliday has seen many of the toughest cases of demon possessed people set free from occult bondages. She has been in the ministry for thirty years. She has never looked for people involved in the occult they found her.


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