Trusted Trade Alliance to Provide Global Solution for Secure, Compliant International Supply Chains

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Five world class companies have joined forces to create the Trusted Trade Alliance (TTA) to assist companies engaged in foreign commerce. Primary emphasis will be focused on supply chain security programs like the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) and the European Union's Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) program.

Today, five world-class companies, each established leaders in the provision of expert trade compliance and secure supply-chain services, proudly announce that they have joined forces to create a formidable alliance dedicated to providing comprehensive consulting services, customized training, and a sophisticated technology tool set to assist multinational companies focused on upgrading their international supply chain to meet today's challenges. Companies engaged in global trade are required to successfully navigate a labyrinth of rules, regulations and restrictions in order to keep their supply chains optimized and the flow of goods moving internationally without impediment. The complexity and intricacy of regulatory requirements affecting material movements across borders, at both origin and destination, has grown exponentially in recent years. For example, in the US, while US Customs & Border Protection (CBP) has primary regulatory responsibility for cross-border traffic, traders must contend with no less than forty (40) other federal agencies who control, mandate requirements or otherwise have the ability to restrict or facilitate the importation or exportation of goods.

This trend towards more complexity has been given new impetus with the added requirements of supply-chain security programs, such as the US Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT), and the EU's upcoming Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) concept. A company's failure to participate in such programs can result in significant slowdowns in the processing of its shipments, and is often a bar to access to trade facilitation programs essential to maintaining international competitiveness. As more compliance and security requirements are adopted and implemented around the world, multinational companies will struggle with conflicting national regulations and reciprocity (mutual recognition) issues. The bar is continually being raised, and global companies are finding it extremely difficult to stay abreast of and in compliance with the changes. Experience has shown that only those companies able to ensure global visibility of regulatory change, and coordinated oversight of the company's compliance stance and end-to-end international supply chain are equipped to weather these challenges. Yet, as multinational companies begin to take steps towards the goal, they often find that there are very limited resources available to assist them along the way.

The Trusted Trade Alliance offers companies operating on multiple continents access to a single, highly qualified source for information and advice, best-in-class compliance processes and programs, experienced auditors and trainers, and state-of-the-art supply chain security solutions. The organization gives its clients a distinct and powerful competitive advantage by being an international "one-stop" solution for all consulting needs. Trusted Trade Alliance members coordinate their interaction throughout a project in accordance with its geographical and subject-matter focus, benefiting the client with globally uniform, consistent standards while at the same time offering practical solutions proven to meet local regulatory requirements.

The charter and founding members of the Trusted Trade Alliance are:

•tTrade Innovations, Inc., Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.
Coverage: United States and Canada

•tMIC Customs Solutions, Linz, Austria, Southfield, Michigan and Vancouver, Washington, USA.
Coverage: Global Compliance Technology & Trade Automation

•tCentre for Customs & Excise Studies, Canberra, ACT, Australia
Coverage: Asia-Pacific

•tCustoms-Trade Solutions Latin America, S.C., Mexico City, Mexico
Coverage: Mexico and Latin America

•tAWB Foreign Trade Advisory & Tax Consultancy, Muenster, Germany

Coverage: Europe, Middle East and Africa

"In my years of managing corporate customs and trade compliance, I found a major challenge to be the almost complete absence of sources of compliance advice which is both practical and compatible with continually evolving global nature of today's business processes," said Bryce Blegen, TTA's CEO. Blegen continued, "Advice is often piecemeal, narrowly focused, short-sighted, and disregards the realities of effective compliance handling within a multinational operation. Cost overruns, delays and frustration are common results of this situation."

"We designed the Trusted Trade Alliance to be the antidote to these problems. The partners are all dedicated to the proposition that management of global trade compliance and supply chain security is not only possible, but also of great benefit to the company. I think our organization offers something unique, in that it includes an impressive array of experts, experienced in making trade compliance and secure supply chains work on 6 continents, acting as one. Another defining focus is on the end-to-end global supply chain within multinational companies -- we are able to offer solutions that meet local requirements while never taking our eyes off the global context and the need for efficient operational processes with the company as a whole," Blegen said.

Michael Laden, Principal of Trade Innovations, Inc. said that his organization was very honored and pleased to represent the North America link in the Trusted Trade Alliance. “Supply Chain Security has emerged as a critical issue in global trade, and multinationals operating within this region recognize the need for truly international solutions to their supply chain requirements. The Trusted Trade Alliance is able to provide such solutions,” Mr. Laden said.

For additional information on TTA please contact Mr. Bryce Blegen, Chief Executive Officer, at bryce.blegen @, or by telephone at (248) 202-2834, or visit the TTA Web Site at

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