Book: "Parents Are Being Played Like A Video Game!"

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Parents Are Being Played Like A Video Game! is a parenting book written for the parents of very young to preteen children concerning their children’s Character Trait Development. This timely book brings awareness to the forefront and illustrates the increased necessity for more tough-loving parental involvement to bring about a more connected family and a happier home-life.

Author Gregory L. Chester has noticed, as well as I'm sure many of you have, an absence of respect from our youth of today and even some of their parents. In addition, you may have notice there's more impatience, a rush to arms, a lack of caring (about anything, even one's self), and a definite need to be in control. They are known as the "ME" generation. They might also be known as the "first computer generation," because most of their parents and/or grandparents did not grow up around computers. In fact, the PC (Personal Computer) didn't even exist for the general public until the early 1980s. That's also about the same time innocent computer games were starting to be designed. (Do you remember Pong or maybe Pac Man?)

Consequently, the Author of this book, entitled "Parents Are Being Played Like A Video Game!", has witnessed this deterioration of respect for many years and wondered how the youth, and some of their parents, were permitted to get that way. He likens it to the "equality" pendulum, swinging in a downward motion. It's this equality, given to the youth by the Supreme Court, rightly or wrongly, that has now put the Parent & child and the Teacher & student relationships, on the same levels of equality. How can anyone teach someone anything, who thinks they already know it all? What's more, you can't teach your peers anything, unless they want to listen. And even if they've listened, they don't have to apply what they've heard, unless they want to. Who started this kettle of worms, anyway? (not meaning a computer virus)

The Author, educated as an Engineer, being in high-tech Marketing & Sales, which requires an acute sense of awareness in human nature, has come to the conclusion that the problem got its start in 1946. It's about that time, when new parents were looking for expert help to bring their kids up the "right way" and were introduced to or heard about a book entitled "The Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care." Now, you may not of heard about the book's title, but I'm sure you've heard about its Author. Have you guessed who he was? If you guessed Dr. Spock, you're right.

Dr. Benjamin Spock, who lived from 1903-1998, was the very first pediatrician/psychoanalyst and his timely book became an overnight success. His book became so popular that it was translated into 39 different languages and became almost as popular as the Bible. Now, you may not remember anything about the book, but I'm sure you've heard of a famous saying that resulted from his writings. Have you guessed what that saying was? I'm sure you have. The popular and often quoted saying was "Spare the rod and spoil the child."

Unfortunately, Dr. Spock's book was a little confusing, in that he never actually took credit for telling everyone to spoil their kids. However, in his book, he did say "parents should 'ask' them for respect," implying equality. Unfortunately, maybe he never heard of or maybe he forgot about the old adage: "Give'em an inch and they'll take a mile." This Author would like to suggest a revision to Dr. Spock's statement, by saying that "parents should 'earn' their kids respect!"

"Parents Are Being Played Like A Video Game!" is written for the parents of very young to preteen children concerning their children's Character Trait Development, especially when violent video games are involved. The first chapter, an "Introduction To Dr. Spock" aims at the confusion his book started, not even knowing that it's equality he's talking about! The following chapters are: Games Start From Day One; Children Are Always Learning; Parents Should Start Learning; The World Is Changing, but sometimes not for the better; What Role Do Video Games Play??; Family Terrorism; Awareness & A Little Faith Can Move Mountains!; and the Appendix, that speaks to: TLC (The Learning of Character), a project by the Author and his observations of our failing Educational System.

In addition, this enlightening and timely book presents many startling facts and shocking examples of how the subtleties of violent video games may be affecting our youth's character today. It answers that age-old question about whether violent video games are bad for our children and offers a solution. It also shines the light of awareness on many new threats to our children's character, like the possibility of streaming Porn videos being broadcast to our children's new Smart phones. The book also makes reference to an AP article, entitled "Detox clinic helps video game addicts."

More information about the book can be found at or at any major bookstore, ISBN: #1-4259-3132-4.


The Author, Gregory L. Chester, an Engineer by education, with a BSEE degree, has had an extensive 30-year career in Technical Marketing, Sales, and Management. The Marketing part of his career has made him a keenly aware and a detailed observer of human nature. Mr. Chester is the owner of the eCommerce web site: "" and is the Copyright holder of his unique charting method and the Trademark holder of the word: "SpiderGraph." Mr. Chester was on the original advisory board for the "Programmable Controls" trade magazine and has written several technical articles for leading Factory Automation trade magazines. Mr. Chester's Selection Charting Method is featured in the "Standard Handbook of Industrial Automation", as edited by Douglas Considine.

Mr. Chester's company, GLC New Product Consultants (GLCNPC), is a Sales & Marketing Consultant firm for high tech companies that would like to launch new products and/or revitalize existing products with new features, etc. GLCNPC was hired several years ago by the Dayton (Ohio) City School Board to design and instruct 7th & 8th graders at the Wilber Wright Middle School about The Learning of Character (TLC), a newly proposed character education program. With the aid of five (5) Child Psychologists, GLCNPC developed the materials and instructed a pilot Character Education Class for two years.

A Comment from the Author: Our youth are our future! Consequently, I must say that TLC was by far the most fulfilling project of my consulting career and that Teaching is by far one of the most honorable professions one could ever strive for!


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