16types.com® Launches New Assessments, Adds New Features to the 16types.com® Pro System

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New assessments added to powerful online assessment service.

16types.com® (http://www.16types.com), a popular online Web site for consultants, trainers and coaches using the Myers and Briggs personality type theory and related models, announced the release of three new assessment tools: Interstrength® X-Styles Assessment, Interstrength® Cognitive Assessment and Majors Occupational Environment Measure™. These assessments are available now on the 16types.com® Pro System, a client assessment management system that allows consultants, trainers and coaches using such tools to enhance their services by administering them over the Internet and managing their client results online.

“Mailing clients paper-based assessments causes logistical problems for our customers and adds time and cost to their projects” says Kris Kiler, President of 16types.com. “Within minutes users of the 16types.com Pro System can set up their clients to complete the online assessments they select.” According to Kiler, the results are available through the system immediately upon completion and the professional users can then print them or e-mail them to their clients.

Professional trainers working with larger groups or corporations can create as many groups and sub-groups as needed (similar to the folders on a hard drive) to better reflect the structure of their client list. They can also use their 16types.com Pro System account as a client management database by using client records to store detailed information such as contact information, important dates and additional notes. Independent consultants and coaches can grow their businesses with built-in features such as the Consignment Link™ hyperlink, a new proprietary tool that can assist users with building business and attracting new clients.

“These features, in addition to eight powerful assessment tools, make the 16types.com Pro System an essential piece of the puzzle for consultants, trainers and coaches,” says Kiler. “These professionals don’t have time to send in assessments for scoring, a common service among our competitors, and don’t have time to have individuals complete the assessment during workshops. We’ve made the assessment process easy, efficient and profitable for our customers.”

Current Available Assessments on the 16types.com® Pro System


The next generation of type instrument, the Majors Personality Type Inventory™ (MajorsPTI™), developed by Mark Majors, PhD, is a shorter, less expensive and just as accurate alternative to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® instrument (MBTI® instrument).



The Function Skill Development Assessment™ (FSDA™) is a 40-item questionnaire created by psychological type experts Gary Hartzler and Margaret Hartzler, PhD that helps individuals assess their current mental skill level for how they take in information and make decisions.


The Interstrength® Temperament Assessment, developed by Linda V. Berens, PhD and Dario Nardi PhD, helps individuals understand their core psychological needs and values as well as the talents they are more drawn to develop.


The Interstrength® X-Styles Assessment, developed by Linda V. Berens, PhD and Mark Majors, PhD, helps individuals understand the “how” of their behavior. Knowing interaction styles will help people locate interpersonal conflicts and situational energy drains and give them a map for greater flexibility in their interactions with others.


The Interstrength® Cognitive Assessment, developed by Dario Nardi. PhD, provides a results map showing an individuals likely preference pattern for cognitive processes and three options for exploring one’s psychological type code. Our two preferred processes allow us to do perceiving and judging, introverting and extroverting. We use one of our processes to sense, imagine and gather information; and we use the other to make decisions, value and organize.


The MajorsOEM™ profile is intended to help individuals maximize their occupational satisfaction. The results are based upon their responses across 11 different groupings of common occupational tasks and activities and the environments in which they occur. Individuals will be able to see their preference and avoidance patterns across these 11 areas.


The Knowdell™ Career Values Card Sort is a simple tool that allows individuals to prioritize their values in as little as five minutes. This is an effective tool for job seekers, those fine-tuning their present jobs, and career changers at all ages and stages.


The Knowdell™ Motivated Skills Card Sort is a quick and easy way to identify the motivated skills that are central to personal and career satisfaction and success. Based on experience, feedback, and instinct, an individual uses the cards to assess his or her proficiency and motivation in fifty-one transferable skills areas.

About 16types.com

16types.com, founded in 2001, is a rapidly growing online provider of assessments and client materials for professional consultants, trainers and coaches who use personality differences information to help individuals succeed in the workplace. The 16types.com professional community is built around the fundamental idea that individuals are the key to corporate success. Insights gained from self-awareness of these natural personality differences contribute directly to the bottom line through enhanced creativity, expanded capacity for change and a better ability to manage conflict.

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