Study Shows that Nasal Spray Delivery is More Effective for Headaches

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Intranasal medications for the treatment of headache have recently received increased attention. There are a handful of new nasal sprays on the market for migraine and cluster headache sufferers. Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons in New York reported that

Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons in New York reported that intranasal delivery of medication for migraines and cluster headaches may be both convenient and more effective than other modes of drug delivery for a variety of reasons. Using a nasal spray bypasses small bowel gastrointestinal tract absorption, which is often significantly delayed during the acute phase of a migraine attack. Nauseated patients may prefer non-oral formulations and the nasal sprays are more convenient to administer than injection or suppository and so may be used earlier in a migraine attack, resulting in better efficacy.

Products such as Sinol, Imitrex, Zomig and Migranal have hit the market and are producing very good results among headache sufferers. Of the 4 medications, Sinol is the only over the counter nasal spray for headaches and the product is all-natural. According to information posted on all four of the companies websites Sinol is also the only one that can be used liberally and basically has no side effects. The active ingredient in this new Sinol Nasal Spray is called capsaicin which comes from the pepper plant. Many clinical trials have been performed utilizing capsaicin for headaches, joint pain, allergy and sinus relief and the results are very impressive.

We began to wonder just how effective this new, all natural Sinol was so we pulled information from a variety of sources and found this product may be all that it claims to be. Of course not all medicines work for every individual but the patients and doctors we have heard from gave very promising reviews.

Jean Mauro, a severe headache sufferer is now a Sinol customer. “Two months ago, Dr. Alan Rapoport (New England Center for Headache) gave me two sample canisters of Sinol to try out, along with a prescription (which I haven't filled). I have been taking a "snort" at the first sign of a headache-- sometimes needing to follow up with a second, third, even fourth, spaced an hour or two apart-- but I have succeeded in heading off numerous headaches. In June, my headache frequency was down to 2 for the whole month (from the typical 12-15), even with air travel, balsamic vinegar, and an occasional splash of white wine-- all sure triggers for me before Sinol”, Mauro stated.

“Today’s consumers are very concerned with what medications they need to take and what the side effects are said Paul Carpenter, CEO of Sinol USA. “All over the world, plants used to be the main source of medicine. Through the ages, herbalists have passed down knowledge about the healing and restorative properties of plants. More recently, however, many people have come to realize that modern medicine does not always hold all the answers. There has been a return to more natural, traditional ways of living. People are increasingly taking back responsibility for their own well-being and actively seeking out healthier and less stressful life styles”, stated Carpenter. I am sure that Imitrex, Zomig and Migranal are all great products that probably work well, however, if I’m getting headaches I want to take something that I don’t have to worry about”. “Our product works very quickly for many different types of headaches including sinus, tension, migraines and cluster”, Carpenter said.

“I have given out bottles of Sinol to my coworkers with migraines and family members with allergies and sinus problems and have heard such great reviews. I highly recommend Sinol”, said April Cassidy, a registered pharmacist and a Sinol customer. Cassidy who is pregnant with her 2nd child said she felt very comfortable using Sinol while being pregnant. “There is nothing in the Sinol ingredients which I feel is a problem for pregnant women, however, I would suggest asking your doctor just to make sure the product is right for you”, Cassidy stated.

Sinol can be purchased at drug and grocery stores all over the country or you can buy it online at,, and

Carpenter said, “If your local drugstore or pharmacy doesn’t carry it, ask them why?

This press release was written by Del Young for Sinol USA, Inc.


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