Duncraft Offers Inexpensive Solutions to Combat a Deadly Problem--Birds and Window Strikes

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It's estimated that as many as 100 million birds perish each year as a result of crashing into windows, both in residential homes and commercial high rises. Duncraft urges awareness of this serious issue and provides the homeowner with simple, effective solutions to aid in the prevention of needless bird injuries and deaths.

In study after study it has been shown that birds just do not see windows. In some situations, the window is transparent, and a bird is not aware there is an obstacle in its path. In other situations, windows are reflectors of the outdoors--reflecting trees, clouds and other aspects of the landscape that birds perceive as real, perhaps leading them to open space or a sheltering tree. Duncraft's Living with Nature catalog and http://www.duncraft.com offer reflective window alert decals, hawk decals, and feather guards. Feather guards are designed to minimize reflections on windows, create a frightening presence, or deter birds from the area with moving, fluttering activity.

Sharon Dunn, president of Duncraft says, "Window strikes are such an enormous problem, especially for nocturnally migrating birds. Thousands of birds traveling at night are disoriented by the illuminated windows of tall city buildings, as well as the clouds and sky reflected in them by day. Birds fly right into these windows and the death toll is tragic. Duncraft urges awareness of this problem with the hope for a long term, viable solution. Our mission is to educate and assist backyard birding enthusiasts with the prevention of window strikes in a residential setting."

Dunn continues, “Many people simply don’t realize that a simple, inexpensive window cling can be applied to their windows to alert birds to the presence of a solid object (window glass). We offer window clings in both leaf and hawk shapes—both designed to brilliantly reflects ultraviolet light making these shapes visible to the birds. And customers really love the fact that these clings are nearly transparent to their eyes. Birds see much better than humans, and to them the very bright shapes break up reflections and turn an invisible window into a solid object.”

Other methods for deterring birds from windows include silhouettes of hawks, owls and other predators which are placed on a window to frighten birds from the area. In addition, Duncraft offers the simple, but highly effective "Feather Guard," which is a string of brightly colored feathers that “dance” in the wind. Hung in front of a window, the movement and colors of the feathers act as a powerful bird deterrent. In addition, it has been theorized that birds avoid loose feathers, as they may indicate another bird has been killed in the area.

Duncraft's website, http://www.duncraft.com also provides information for the homeowner on how to treat windows to break up reflections and create a barrier. The use of crop netting, Mylar strips, decorative "fake snow," and plastic wrap are all explained. Additional helpful information can be found in Duncraft's Bird Blog.

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Duncraft, Inc., located in Concord, NH, was founded in 1952. The Duncraft Living with Nature Catalog and the duncraft.com website offers hundreds of the very best wild bird and nature-related gifts, birdfeeders, bird foods, backyard pest solutions and garden décor. Visit Duncraft’s blog at http://blogs.shareup.net/duncraft and get great backyard birding tips from the experts. Or, share your own tips, photos and personal stories with the enthusiastic Duncraft community.


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