JBenchmark Pro, the Ultimate Mobile Java Benchmark Launched

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JBenchmark Pro, the ultimate mobile benchmark, measures Java ME user experience, performance and quality with modular, custom-built benchmarks.

Kishonti Informatics, the worldwide leader of mobile performance benchmarking, has announced general availability of JBenchmark Pro, the application performance and user experience benchmark for mobile Java (Java ME) devices. JBenchmark Pro meets growing demand from mobile network operators, developers and consumers for true Java ME performance, compatibility and usability measurements.

JBenchmark Pro is not just a benchmark, it's a testing environment for mobile devices, which can be easily extended in the future by adding new test plugins. Thanks to its modular structure customised test suites can be created in seconds. The official JBenchmark Pro suite comes with 89 different subtests packaged into several Test Groups.

JBenchmark Pro Application Builder

One of the most innovative feature of the new release is JBenchmark Pro Application Builder, an easy-to-use webservice which builds custom benchmark suites on-the-fly to accomodate specific user interests and device limitations.

JBenchmark Pro Builder lets users choose freely from the 86 available subtests to create benchmarks with variable package sizes. The smallest package available is around 35 kilobytes, which can be scaled up to 4 megabytes.    

User experience benchmarking

With JBenchmark Pro, Kishonti Informatics has extended its benchmarking activities to include usability and user experience measurements for mobile Java devices. The User Experience Test Group measures many features, including application startup, camera speed, multimedia and file system load times, which are important and sometimes neglected features determining user experience and consumer loyalty.

Real world application performance

JBenchmark Pro simulates not just application patterns but contains full featured application engines with graphics and logic included. The Composite Test Group contains seven different application benchmarks including 2D and 3D games, business, image manipulaton and geographical mapping using vector graphics.

Graphical bottlenecks

JBenchmark Pro includes separate High Level and Low Level Graphics Test Groups to help manufacturers and developers finding graphical bottlenecks in Java ME implementations. These tests concentrate on 2D and 3D rendering issues minimizing CPU workload on hardware accelerated platforms.

CPU benchmarks

As mobile applications get more complex, consumers need more CPU power and effective Java virtual machine technology. The CPU and Logic tests help to estimate processing power by running computationally intensive algorythms such as chess game AI, shortest route search, image processing, zip compression and decompression, xml processing, game physics, financial and statistical calculations.

Quality levels

Graphical JBenchmark Pro tests are grouped also by Low, Medium and High quality levels. Medium and High quality levels require the availibility of specific 2D and 3D quality features and a minimum number of screen pixels to run successfully.

Test results

JBenchmark Pro calculates test results for all 86 subtests, 11 test groups and the overall JBenchmark Pro Score. (Low Level graphics performance results are not included in the overall score to prevent excessive over-optimisations.)

System analytics

Beyond performance and usability tests JBenchmark Pro includes a very detailed System Analytics module which checks compatibilites with all known Java ME application programming interfaces (APIs), media formats and other hidden implementation features.

Advanced error-checking and logging

All JBenchmark Pro subtests have advanced error checking and logging features. These logs are all collected and sent by the applications to http://www.jbenchmark.com servers giving invaluable information for Java and other engineers working in the mobile space.


JBenchmark Pro is available right now in three Editions:

  • Community Edition is a free (requires registration) networked-only version, which falls back on JBenchmark servers to calculate results.
  • Corporate Edition is customised for on-device and automatic testing environments for corporate users and does not require connection to JBenchmark servers.
  • Strategic Edition adds the full source code of Corporate Edition and makes possible to examine bottlenecks more deeply and build customised versions of the benchmarks for proprietary use.

About Kishonti Informatics:

Kishonti Informatics specialises in mobile gaming, graphics performance measurement and development tools. Its popular JBenchmark and GLBenchmark test suites let network operators, developers and consumers measure and compare the strengths and limits of close to 800 mobile phones and PDAs. The JBenchmark result database available at http://www.jbenchmark.com.

About Java ME:

Java ME is a small footprint Java™ product designed by Sun® Microsystems for resource limited devices such as pagers and cell phones.

Java™ and all other Java-based marks are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. in the U.S. and other countries.


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