7 Year Old Online Travel Agency Expands & Diversifies via the Prosperity Automated System & Shows Healthy Profits in Just 6 weeks

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New home-based, innovative internet business helps Travel and Social.com owners and others start earning thousands of dollars per month with reasonable investment and very little time and effort.

In 1999, Bill Slagle decided to turn his hobbies of traveling and being a socialite into a full time business, and Travel and Social.com was born. In 7 years, Bill found about 10,000 other folks that also shared his dreams of traveling the world and meeting hundreds of other folks, both singles and couples. Bill and his wife Fernanda from Brazil, met and married two years ago through his travel club and have led groups on dozens of trips ranging from Amsterdam, Costa Rica, Brazil, Venice and The Greek Isles, to more local trips like Destin, FL; Helen, GA; Hilton Head, SC; Miami, FL and the Caribbean.

After 6 years of running Travel and Social.com as a hobby, Bill sold his full time advertising business which he had owned for 17 years, a Money Mailer Direct Mail Advertising Franchise, and decided to pursue his travel dreams on a full time basis. While the travel business was certainly fun, and provided him and his wife a nice lifestyle with lots of perks and free travel, he wanted to find a way to increase revenues without necessarily adding more travel for him and his wife. They were already hosting several social events in Atlanta per month and taking about 1 trip per month, which was plenty!

Then one day Bill received a not so unusual looking letter, bragging about some great opportunity in the home-based internet business industry, not unlike hundreds of other letter and opportunities he had been exposed to before. He had even tried a few network marketing businesses in the past, mainly due to some friends or acquaintances persistently pursuing him until he gave in. Most required more time and energy than Bill had to invest, as he did not have time to drag prospects to meetings and presentations, hand out cd's or samples to friends or family, etc. And it wasn't just that he didn't have time, he really wasn't interested in that sort of thing. Bill is a low key, laid back kind of guy and does not like being pressured or pressuring anyone into anything.

However, the Prosperity Automated System made claims of no prospecting, no talking to prospects, no closing sales, not even having to find ways to market and advertise your business. They claimed the company did all that for you, including having someone call your prospects and help close the sales for you. They even managed your website and qualified your prospects for you. Bill did not even know or talk to the person who sent him the letter, he just checked out their website which was provided by PAS. After reading about PAS and watching the online movie, he requested a call back via the website and the phone rang less than 5 minutes later. A no pressure company representative was on the line and was ready to answer any questions he had. Ok, now PAS had Bill's attention. This was exactly the kind of incremental, low key business he was looking for that would not take away time and effort from his travel business, which he loved.

So, without anyone talking him into joining, Bill decided to give PAS a try after thoroughly reading up on the company and doing some research to make sure they were real and legitimate. They put up his website, started sending hundreds of prospects to the site, collected email info from interested visitors, starting sending them emails via auto-responders, and then team leaders from the company called back those that requested information. Wow, what a business he had stumbled onto. It seemed almost too good to be true, as hundreds of visitors were visiting the website and some of those giving their email address, and then some of those requesting call backs from the company. After a few weeks, everything was looking great and Bill was getting more and more excited about the business, but no one had signed up yet! Then, just as Bill was growing a little impatient and perhaps a little frustrated as to why others would not want to get involved in this incredible business, two signs up came in at the same time, one paying $1100 commission and the other paying $3000 commission. Then, more and more signs ups and commissions started coming in and before Bill realized it, his dreams of earning a nice second income were becoming reality. All it took was a little money and a little patience. Bill and Fernanda now have several paylines created that pay them $1100 to $3000 everytime a new person makes their first sale. This is in addition to their own sales, which are steadily increasing!

Bill is currently marketing his new Prosperity Automated System to his Travel and Social Club Members, but finds that most of the sign ups come from folks in other states or other countries that he has never met before. He had came across an online program that is proving to be the answer to all his prayers -- The Prosperity Automated System. This new technology delivers a fully-automated marketing system that eliminates most of the major causes for failure in the home-based business arena. With its Automated Prospector, PAS looks for prospects through search engines and off-line advertising bringing them to the member's website. Once there, the system acts like a filter that excludes all the "tire-kickers" through its unique elimination process, leaving only the serious prospects that are ready to buy. These quality "opt-ins" then request to be contacted. One of the team leaders from the system contacts these prospects and answers all their questions in a non-pressure, non-salesman-attitude way, ending in very high closing ratios. Members do not have to call prospects if they don't want to, which Bill prefers not to do. He does help promote his website, but finds that to be relatively easy after some trial and error. "It is the smartest way to make money ever designed", Bill affirms with a grin.

"When I came across the Prosperity Automated System, I was very skeptical. I have seen literally hundreds of opportunities out there, and at first this looked like just another hyped-up opportunity, until I reviewed and researched it further and understood the concept and the creator behind it. It simply made sense." Bill affirms.

With this unique system, Bill and his beautiful wife Fernanda, are expecting to earn no less than $12,000 per month or $3000 per week by the end of their first 3 months. Every time the system closes a sale for Bill, he earns $1,100 - $3,000, so it doesn't take too many sales to earn a very nice income. They also earn another $1100 - $3000 everytime one of their new team members makes their first sale.

Why would anyone use the Prosperity Automated System? Entrepreneurs all over the world are finding this is truly a win-win program that even a monkey could benefit from. Not because it's easy, but because it's fully-automated, leaving it up to technology and a proven system for members to earn income. Most members already have a product, service or opportunity of their own, so they use the system to advertise it for them for even more profits. Bill markets TravelandSocial.com via the system also, but finds the largest profits are generated every time the system "sells itself" to a new prospect.

Bill Slagle can be contacted at 404-713-2128, 877-645-7159, and by e-mail. His PAS website can be viewed at HowToGrowWealthy.com. You can also find more info on upcoming trips and events for his travel business at travelandsocial.com.

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