Business Process Automation Is Just A Click Away QBOS: Debuts at SaasCon in San Francisco on Sept. 25-26, 2006 Booth #321

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QBOS, Quick Business Operating Systems, debuts at Software as a Service Conference in San Francisco. QBOS hopes to revolutionaize the way companies manage business process. The QBOS® architecture and proprietary EPS™ Engine provides flexible Business Process Modeling without programming modifications. Business Processes and Work Flow are instantaneously automated, integrating numerous systems and resources, including Inventory, Human Resources, Project Management, CRM, Electronic Document Management, Communications, and more. QBOS serves up-to-the-minute information across all operations and units with flexible views and drill-down capabilities, providing accurate monitoring, forecasting, planning and reporting.

QBOS, Quick Business Operating Systems, a software service company that automates business processes, debuts its operating platform at the Software-as-a-Service Conference (SaasCon) in San Francisco on September 25th at Booth #321.

James Lord, CEO and founder of QBOS, knows that complex business processes require precise execution and management. Furthermore, the more people involved in the process increase the probability of error and mismanagement.

He’s seen too many companies that look good on paper but are bleeding red ink from workflow processes gone out-of-control. Mortgage, financial and marketing companies are excellent examples of where growth and manually managed processes can quickly reach a point of process breakdown.

That’s why his Dallas-based QBOS has spent more than a decade developing technology to support the automation of business processes and workflow management. Its enterprise systems are revolutionizing the way companies do business by automating most any business process with just the click of a mouse.

“We’re one of the first companies to go to market with this kind of technology,” Lord said. “The ability to do active business modeling has been a dream for a lot of people.”

The QBOS solution was ideal for financial transaction services company Landmark Clearing. The Dallas company was growing and becoming overwhelmed with contracts and procedures.

“Our salespeople were having trouble figuring out what stage customers were in and we had so many different spreadsheets that it got to be a nightmare,” says Eric Loehr, Landmark’s Director of Sales and Marketing.

“QBOS’s product is about process modeling and keeping track of work flow,” he said. “It was right up our alley for what we needed.”

QBOS’s namesake product provides a powerful SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) enterprise operating platform that fully integrates QBOS’s services to provide exhaustive operating and management tracking and control for organizations requiring secure, inter-departmental intelligence.

Lord is the chief software architect, combining his software expertise with years of business consulting experience. He’s seen the mistakes growing companies make when they have trouble managing an influx of customers with business processes that are no longer efficient.

QBOS allows users to simply draw their business processes within its operating system. QBOS will automate those workflow processes both logically and intuitively. For example, the software can facilitate the communications process by handing off documents between staff members, creating reports for the management team, showing where problems exist, and even identifying an individual person who is having a problem completing the task.

QBOS, which has about 40 customers, appeals to industries across the board, particularly those in the business services sector, since they have so many processes and need modeling the most, according to Lord.

The company has recently begun focusing on creating strategic alliances to expand its product reach. Through its QBOS Master Distributor, or QMD, strategic partners can sell, implement, support, and maintain the QBOS solution. Such alliances expand the QBOS presence in the market and get its cutting-edge technology into the hands of new customers.

“Customers love the way QBOS wraps everything up into one system,” Lord says. “We often hear, ‘we’ve never seen anything like this before.’ This is a different paradigm and people are excited about it.”

For more information about QBOS, please visit To schedule a demonstration of the QBOS system, please contact Arnel Trovada at 213-883-4402.

About Landmark Clearing

Founded in February of 2003, Dallas-based Landmark Clearing, Inc. offers companies secure, web-based ACH solutions that allow them to focus on their own products and services, instead of using valuable time and resources to build their own payment systems. Landmark’s system was built from the knowledge of a team that has designed and built check-processing applications for the likes of MBNA and IBM. Their team has an unrivaled background in designing and implementing electronic payment solutions. They process over a million dollars a day for a wide variety of industries.

About SaaScon

SaaScon is the premier event for business and IT professional seeking to dramatically lower capital expenses, produce recurring revenue and streamline product delivery and support through the Software as a Service model. SaaS is a software delivery method that provides access to software and its functions remotely as a web-based service, removing the need for organizations to handle the installation, set-up and maintenance while significantly reducing costs. For information or to register for the event, visit the SaaScon Web site at For exhibiting or sponsorship opportunities, please contact Giovanni Stein at 508-424-4864.

About QBOS, Inc.

Located in Addison (Dallas), Texas, QBOS, Inc. is the development company behind QBOS® - The Quick Business Operating System. The QBOS System, which has been in development since 1994, is an online, full business operating system delivered via Software-as-a-Service that comprises multiple core business applications in one comprehensive and integrated solution. QBOS fully integrates Business Process Modeling (BPM), Workforce Control and Automation, Sales Contact Management and Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Document Control Management and Storage (DCMS), e-commerce, Inventory Management, Service Provisioning, Invoice and Billing Automation, Project Management, Time Tracking and Scheduling, Development Promotion Control, and many more critical business solutions designed to provide clients the ability to manage all aspects of both their company and their client base.

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