Loving Your Pet to Health CD Series Combats Dramatic Increase of Cancer, Disease in Pets

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Southern California based Veterinarian and Intuitive Healer Dr. Anyes Van Volkenburgh is becoming widely known for healing animals that other health professionals believe are too far gone. Her Loving Your Pet to Health CD series offers new solutions to pet owners and their animals.

In the stressful and hectic pace of life today, pets are at a far greater risk for contracting the same chronic aches and diseases, including cancer and diabetes, as well as emotional frustrations that humans experience.

The Loving Your Pet to Health CD series, created and narrated by veterinarian Dr. Anyes Van Volkenburgh, brings awareness and new understanding about natural healing for pets. These unique programs deliver the best of meditation and visualization exercises to promote optimal health, wellness, and healing of various conditions found in domestic pets of all kind.

“It is a well-documented fact in human medicine that worry and stress disarm the body’s natural healing responses, while joy and happiness promote healing. This is true in humans and animals of all species, it is a universal fact,” says Dr. Van Volkenburgh, a pioneer of energy and intuitive healing in the field of veterinary medicine. “Our cats, dogs and other domesticated animals are so enmeshed in our hectic, busy lives, that they cannot help but absorb all the stress and worry we experience. And, sometimes, since they do not have a way of dealing with these emotions, they develop disease as a result of exposure to them.”

According to Dr. Van Volkenburgh, pets are not capable of experiencing such emotions as stress, anxiety, or worry on their own. By internalizing our consciousness, full of negativity, fear, stress and anxiety pets often take on more than they can handle and thus develop disease. Because pets are influenced by their owners’ thoughts and feelings, they also manifest the physical symptoms associated with them.

Loving Your Pet to Health: Vol. I — Meditation is a beautiful audio CD that guides pet owners in creating a healing environment for their pets as well as for themselves. The profound sense of well-being and love achieved in meditation heals both humans and animals. The meditations contained on this CD are a great form of "undoing" the damage we inflict on our pets by exposing them to stress, city life and problems like smog, pollution, noise, and electromagnetic fields. Pets and their owners experience a deeper, calmer, more conscious connection with ‘Source Energy’ and each other as a result of meditating together.

Loving Your Pet to Health: Vol. II — Visualization introduces the art of visualization to pet owners. It contains mental imagery techniques designed to bring lasting health and well-being. Pet owners learn to clear and manipulate the animal’s energy to reverse disease and effect healing, literally removing cancer and other diseases from the animal’s body. The techniques presented in this program address common animal diseases, such as: cancer, kidney failure, heart disease, respiratory issues, and neurological problems.

While she was in veterinary school, Dr. Van Volkenburgh discovered the remarkable healing that is possible for animals through meditation and energy work. One particular patient, a horse named Cinnamon Bear, with a very severe case of pneumonia, joint sepsis and just about every other disease you could imagine became a powerful demonstration of her vision for healing pets intuitively.

“My horse, Cinnamon Bear, was the foal everyone, including his owners, gave up on. I fell in love with him at first sight. When I found out that his owners were going to put him to sleep, I offered to buy him from them. They realized how much I cared about this little horse, and gave him to me, along with his medical bills. I was overjoyed,” recalls Dr. Van Volkenburgh. “My fellow students and teachers warned me he would be permanently crippled, perhaps unable to walk, because of the infection in his joints. But I refused to give up, and so did he. I meditated every day, visualizing him healthy and happy, running around in a lush pasture with other horses. Today he is a magnificent stallion, healthy, radiant, and full of light. Love is the essential life force and the ultimate healing energy. And I know it was my love, which I was able to communicate to him, that healed him. This type of healing is possible for all pets.”

The Loving Your Pet to Health CD series is thrilling pet owners with these unique programs designed by acclaimed Veterinarian Dr. Anyes Van Volkenburgh. Both CD’s are now available in select stores and online at http://www.CDBaby.com. Each CD sells for a suggested retail price of U.S. $ 19.95. For more information about the Loving Your Pet to Health CD series and Dr. Van Volkenburgh, visit http://www.PsychicVet.com or call (310) 966-0076

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More About Dr. Anyes Van Volkenburgh

Dr. Van Volkenburgh is a pioneer of energy and intuitive healing in the field of veterinary medicine. While the concept of healing the body spiritually is widely accepted in human medicine, veterinary medicine is only beginning to venture into this exciting field. Her mission is to take veterinary medicine to the next level of healing by integrating modern science and intuition to diagnose and treat illness and promote wellness.

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