Saving a Marriage in the Age of the Internet

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While 45 to 50% of marriages end in divorce, 100% have difficulties. The difference is in how a couple responds. In mid-October, couples can learn to transform their marriage in an online workshop.

With pornography, chat rooms, and dating services aimed at married people, many have critiqued the internet for tearing at the fabric of the family: marriage. On October 16, that will change, as the internet becomes a tool for marriages. On that day, renowned marriage expert and bestselling ebook author, Dr. Lee Baucom, Ph.D., will launch the Transforming Your Marriage Online Workshop.

According to Dr. Baucom, this workshop is like a retreat and seminar, rolled into one, with one difference. Any couple can experience it without leaving the comfort of their home.

"This is not therapy," says Dr. Baucom, "but therapy hasn't really proven itself, anyway." In fact, studies show that over 1/2 of all couples who enter into marital therapy end up divorced, and less than 20% report any significant improvement. "Imagine going to a doctor that offers a procedure that gives you less than 50-50 odds of surviving, and only a 1-in-5 chance of improvement," quips Dr. Baucom, "would you take a chance?"

So, if not therapy, what? Marriage education is certainly a viable option, claims Dr. Baucom. He makes this claim as someone who has helped couples through education and coaching for years.

And there seems to be plenty of evidence to back it up. Even the government is turning to marriage education as a way of stemming the divorce epidemic. The U.S. government is including funds for premarital education, after research showed the efficacy of marriage education.

According to Dr. Baucom, the difference between a seminar and therapy are profound. "Therapy is about digging -- digging into the past, and reliving hurts, with the hopes of moving forward. Often, people just get caught in the pain," says Dr. Baucom. "But education is about building." Perhaps this leads to a new understanding about the past, but more than that, it helps a couple to look forward without getting caught in the past," explains Baucom.

Workshops, retreats, and seminars can offer relationship-saving help, giving the tools and understanding to get a couple back on-track. But such events require someone to make arrangements to take care of children, jobs, pets, and other responsibilities while attending.

"Imagine getting the benefits of such a program, but without the inconvenience," says Baucom. Relationship-saving help, tools, and advice delivered to people where they can take advantage of the opportunity without having to leave home can be just the start a couple needs.

The interesting side effect to the virtual approach is that geography becomes irrelevant. Not only do couples not have to worry about leaving home, but home can be anywhere in the world. In fact, it is even possible for participants to set their own schedule on when to participate in the seminars. Time suddenly also becomes irrelevant.

When a couple is most busy is also when the couple is most in danger of difficulties. So at the very moment help is needed, there is no time to access help. With online learning, the couple has the opportunity to work on the marriage without feeling like someone is "dropping the ball" of daily life. Help does not have to create other problems.

Online learning isn't new, so the technology is readily available to offer a virtual seminar. But, "this is not a seminar just for MIT graduates," jokes Baucom, "if you can use a phone and get your email, you have more than enough technological knowledge to participate!"

Baucom promises to use technology to simplify learning, not to add another barrier. In fact, technology allows people to utilize multiple ways of learning, creating a richer, more effective learning environment. "The latest learning theory shows the more ways people take in information, the better people learn it. We will be using audio, visual, reflective and experiential methods to deliver the material to participants," Baucom reports.

With this in mind, Dr. Baucom is preparing to launch the Transform Your Marriage Online Workshop. While registration begins on Monday, October 9, the program will not begin until Monday, October 16.

The workshop will run for a full month, with opportunities for tele-seminars, accompanied by online presentations. Couples will also complete daily homework and participate in weekly "Question and Answer" session.

There will also be opportunities for couples to "meet in the halls" of the virtual seminar. An online Forum is exclusively available for participating couples. "Every couple has strengths, as well as challenges," says Dr. Baucom. "The forum will allow participants to learn from each other."

Observes Dr. Baucom, "statistics are scary. Somewhere around 45 to 50% of all marriages end in divorce. But more importantly, 100% of all marriages have difficulties. The difference between the those who make it and those who don't is what they do about the problems."

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Dr. Lee H. Baucom is available for immediate interview at 502-802-4823.


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