Promote Your Business Hollywood-Style With Product DVD's

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"Lights, camera, action!" These were once words that only high-powered Hollywood directors would utter during the filming of costly, star-studded productions. But now, resourceful business owners and their staffs are brainstorming about ways to utilize user-friendly movie-making software to produce in-house DVD's for advertising and consumer education purposes.

“Lights, camera, action!”

These were once words that only high-powered Hollywood directors would utter during the filming of costly productions. But these days, with a digital video recorder, movie-making software and a computer, amateurs are filming their families, reunions, pets, and friends. And now, resourceful business owners and their staffs are brainstorming about ways to utilize similar user-friendly tools to advertise their products in commercial and other consumer venues.

It is becoming increasingly common for the average consumer to find a shrink-wrapped DVD in the mailbox after requesting information about a product. Whether the product falls under the heading of exercise equipment, educational products, gardening machinery, automobiles or miscellaneous, the effectiveness and ease of DVDs makes them an intelligent and economical choice for business promotion. The consumer simply pops the DVD into the DVD player and watches a live demonstration of the product, without having to labor over pages of technical material and dull instructions.

Bob Rusert, CEO of CTEXINC ( is familiar with the heightened interest in the “product DVD” market. As an engineer and former corporate art executive, he has observed the escalation of technology-based trends, which has boosted his CD/DVD replication business. But he has also been amazed by the creativity and rise in innovative techniques that have been generated in the business community.

This is especially evident in the growing ease of using movie-making software. Now the business owner has the ability to plan and execute an in-house DVD, utilizing the skills and expertise of one’s own computer and graphic arts departments, thereby opening up a relatively low-cost alternative to other, more costly advertising avenues. And, for example, if background music is desired as an addition to the product DVD, the tunes are easily downloaded (usually for a fee) from a variety of websites, with choices so numerous that this task can be both daunting and fun. Even the copyright information regarding the use of the songs is readily available on these websites.

One of the most important aspects of producing the DVD will be to select a theme that will permeate the entire project. Any necessary research will then have a focus; and it will be easier to keep an effective timeline as each proposed camera shot is measured by the chosen theme. This will also impact the editing process by making it easier to see what does not belong in the end-product. The theme will hold the DVD together and will yield more successful results from consumers once it is distributed.

Once the product DVD is completed, what next? After the DVD is completed, it is ready for duplication so that it can be distributed to the target audience. Fortunately, the DVD duplication process is among the easiest of the tasks of production. And thankfully, there are reputable and efficient companies that can take care of this task in a timely and economical fashion. CTEXINC is one of these companies. CTEXINC provides the duplication of DVDs and other media for a price that won’t break the bank. And CTEXINC prides itself on the quality and excellence of its duplication service.

According to Bob Rusert, “The real cost should be the cost of distribution, not the cost of the DVD’s ...“

So here‘s to Hollywood and to you. A product DVD can help to advertise and inform consumers about what you have to offer, and can move your company into the forefront of the public eye. So don’t waste any more time -- lights, camera, action!


Established in 1983, CTEX INC,, is one of the oldest and most experienced CD Replication companies on the West Coast. With a reputation for excellence and customer-focused service, CTEX INC has produced millions of CD, DVD and other projects for numerous large and small businesses -- including software developers, financial and educational institutions, insurance companies and non-profit organizations. Located just one hour north of San Francisco in the Sonoma County Wine Country city of Windsor, California, they ship worldwide from their CD and DVD Replication Center. Their online store and web page,, offer many other solutions to your CD and DVD replication needs.


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