The Next Big Thing In Golf – The Fairway Driver, a Club Which Produces Driver-Like Shots, Off the Grass

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This truly unique golf club, called a Fairway Driver, incorporates advanced technology which allows golfers to hit monster shots off the tee or fairway.

Advanced Golf Technology, founded in 2001, has been lauded by top golf magazines and professionals alike for consistently pushing the limits of distance and accuracy, has come out with a unique club that allows golfers to drive the green from distances once thought to be too far.

The Fairway Driver is truly a unique golf club. Its design allows usage off the tee as well as off the grass, with astonishing results. The Fairway Driver has a higher launch angle and carries a greater distance than a 3 wood, yet drops the ball softly onto the green. In field testing golfers said the new Fairway Driver not only felt powerful and sounded great, but was hard to hit off- line. AGT club designer Steve Solo explained the bulge and roll (the way the face is contoured) is flatter from top to bottom, than it is from side to side. This reduces the percentage of bad shots caused by “Gear Effect.” Solo went on to explain, "The Fairway Driver is meant to hit the ball high, long and straight. If you want to have a club to shape shots use a fairway wood." When asked under which situations you might use this type of club, Solo explained, "Over hazards, over doglegs. Hey, off the tee I am hitting 240 yard shots! Where can't you use it!"

Advanced Golf Technology Fairway Driver has a 43 inch shaft so it's easy to control. Shafts offered include the ultra premium AJ Tech 335's and XUL's. They offer a large shaft selections to fit any golfer.

Advanced Golf Technology also announced the release of Supernova II’s, an upgraded version of the wildly popular Supernova Fairway woods. AGT gained a cult following when Golf Digest published their 2004 Hot List. Golf Digest rated the Supernova 3, 5 and 7 woods as their pick for the “#1 Performing Fairway Woods of the Year. “These fairway woods were clearly 15 yards longer then Golf Digest’s #2 pick.

The Supernova Series fairway woods are manufactured with an American Made “Super-Alloy not normally used in the golf industry” The Supernova 3, 5, and 7 have earned highest marks for distance, pure feel and sound.

This year Advanced Golf Technology has upgraded the body material on the Supernova Series to allow for a more advanced heat treatment. By heat treating the Supernova II’s our new way, the body has a higher tensile strength thus absorbing less energy at impact. The face too has a higher tensile strength. The result was quite surprising! "We already had the longest fairway woods on the planet!" stated Solo, “But now, we are seeing another 15+ yards over the original Supernova’s. One local professional golfer reported back, stating "The feel at impact is amazing. I consistently hit the 3 wood 280-290 yards." After the test he insisted on keeping the clubs. Advanced Golf says the clubs index very well and usually play 20 to 25 yards apart. Another change to the Supernova is the milled face. The faces used to be ground to spec. Milling allows us tighter tolerances.

Since Advanced Golf Technology’s inception, it has been their goal to use American made raw materials. Mr. Solo stated “We support the American worker by using 100% American made materials.”

AGT clubs are sold factory direct and through hand picked golf club dealers around the U.S. AGT clubs are for sale in Asia, Scandinavia, Mexico and Europe. Dealer inquires invited. All clubs are custom fitted to customer’s specific requirements. For further information about Advanced Golf Technology golf clubs contact customer service at: 1-866-525-5355 or 1-714-505-1680


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