Jack Fox, The Voice From Louisville Making the World Come Alive to the Blind

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His voice has been recognizable on local radio in Louisville, Kentucky, important announcements in airports across America, and now books on tape for the blind everywhere. Meet Jack Fox, whose words make a difference in the lives of millions every day.

You may never have heard of Jack Fox, but you’ve probably heard his voice. Every day, hundreds of thousands of air travelers hear this former radio announcer warn them of the dangers of leaving unattended baggage or the risks of coming to the end of a moving walkway. More than 100 airports around the world benefit from his rich tones and smooth delivery.

But if you are blind, Jack Fox is much more than just a great voice to listen to. He is your window to the world. Since 1978, through his work with the American Printing House for the Blind, Jack has translated over 600 books and numerous magazines from print into highly listenable audiotapes. Through a program of the Library of Congress, blind people from around the country can check out a large selection of books and publications on tape and now CD. Jack says when he attends conventions for the blind, he is practically mobbed like a movie star. “It is very gratifying and very humbling,” he says with that gentle, sincere voice.

A resident of Louisville, Kentucky, Fox’s voice is well known to the residents of this city, as he was a radio personality at WHAS for nearly 30 years. He retired from his radio job in 1994 because he was uncomfortable with the “in-your-face” radio talk style that was emerging, and because he had found a way to provide income for his family that also provided the freedom his day-job couldn’t provide. Jack had become an Independent Business Owner (IBO), active in the Amway business opportunity in the early '90s, and he loved it. It not only provided him the income and freedom he was looking for, it was an intensely people-focused business.

Both Jack and his wife, who is a registered nurse, became involved. “We were attracted to the people side of the business,” said Jack. “We became involved because it offered the freedom to work in my terms, but what we really enjoyed were the people.” Jack’s wife also gained a much stronger interest and knowledge about nutrition and health through the business, so much so that she is now starting a private practice in nutrition and health consulting.

Even though the Amway business was providing the opportunity and freedom Jack needed to retire from his radio career, he says that things really kicked in when Amway evolved into Quixtar in 1999, and became a Web-centered business. “We really picked it up when it went to the Web,” he said. “Helping people, through the streamlining of the business with the Internet, was very enjoyable.”

The theme of teamwork and helping people keeps coming through in Jack’s conversation. He credits the leader of MarkerMan Productions, IBO Jody Victor, for mentoring him and providing a model for team development. “Things really started when we met Jody,” Jack said. “The focus on building a team plugged us into a bigger picture.” Jack also appreciates the values of the leaders of this business. “It’s nice to know that many of the principles we believe in are practiced in this business.”

Jack Fox is obviously enthusiastic about both his ongoing work as a voice talent and his career as an IBO. His daughter, Jill, is also a successful voice-over artist, and the two are marketing their services together nationally. Jack and Jill Fox sounds like a team that can climb any hill together, just like the team that Jack is proud to be a part of through Quixtar and MarkerMan Productions.


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