Future History: Complete History of the Future from 2006 AD to 100 Billion AD

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We all have strong internal and sub consciousness desire to stay healthy, to be forever young and live in peaceful paradise-like conditions. We really do not look forward to the conditions of aging, suffering, and death. Does it make any sense at all, that we work so hard all of our life - wanting to acquire the best education, trying to earn a fortune, attempting to build a happy family life - only to eventually lose it all because of aging, sickness and death? That doesn't seem reasonable, does it? Is there a real purpose to life that makes more sense? Is it universal fate of everything to be born and die? If so there must be a real purpose of achievements we trying to accomplish and a real purpose of the future. What our Earth will look like in 10, 50, 100 or 1,000 years from now? Unfortunately, renowned philosophers, politicians, futurologists and theologians have failed to provide satisfying answers and real solutions to all of the problems that are facing mankind today and will face tomorrow. Unit now. Read this controversial book to understand the true meaning of the future and the life itself.

In 2005 the author Igor Kryan decided to modify his astrobiology (the branch of astrophysics which study life in space) research originally performed for Amsterdam University, and published 60 pages book called “The Source.” That book had an overwhelming success - thousands copies were sold and many more are being currently sold across the globe. The current book “Future History” was printed in 2006 and it is the most complex, challenging and daring work the author have ever created. No one before had ever attempted to design a systematic and chronological work of the major future events with scientific and historical explanations. The true history of the future was finally revealed by one man.

Some amazing predictions for the nearest future covered in the book:


2006 - 2008

Science and technology.

1. Problems with launches US space shuttles. NASA is speedily creating alternative rocket to replace them.

2. New disks and information storages with capabilities of hundreds of Gigabytes are created and the first 10 GHz processors appear.

4. It is proven that some forms of cancer, psychiatric diseases and other surprising afflictions are contagious and spread by a virus, like a common flu. And the cure will be also found in the next decade.

5. Discovery of dozens of perversely instinct species which have remained unknown yet.

6. New Pluto sized planetoids and large asteroids are discovered. Rethinking of the Solar System.

7. Many solid planets with close to Earth structures and atmospheres are scientifically confirmed to exist in the other solar systems. Distant least dense planets sized many times of Jupiter are discovered as well.

8. Deadly train and aircraft crashes plague global transportation system.

Society and politics.

1. Bulgaria and Romania join European Union.

2. Tight race to the White House between Hillary Clinton and Rudolph Giuliani or John McCain or Condoleezza Rice. Regardless of the primary outcome Republican candidate will win the presidency in 2008 election.

3. Possibility of large scale terrorist attack during World Championships in Athletics or Olympic games.

4. Unites States reaches the peak of its economy and military might. US military operation against Iran and Syria is somewhat likely.

5. Iran won’t stop its nuclear program upon demand of United Nations. North Korea and Syria will test medium to long range missiles. Iran military and economy build up.

6. Oil and metals prices are rising to the level unseen before with some sharp prices fluctuations.

7. Stocks rise up, US dollar sinks despite of many Federal Reserve rates hikes in order to stop inflation unsuccessfully.

8. Political protests and revolutions in several Asian and European countries.

2008 - 2010

Science and technology.

1. First self driving cars available to the general public. They become very popular quickly.

2. Metric system is becoming universal.

3. Longest lasting total solar eclipse will be observed.

4. First unmanned test flights of the Ares I rocket that will replace NASA shuttles in the next decade. NASA launches probes to research large asteroids.

5. First commercial private manned orbital spaceflight is built.

6. Many people start keeping robots for pets.

7. First humans are cloned successfully in secret laboratories.

8. First rubber roads and sidewalks appear made from utilized tire rubber.

9. Genetically modified pigs with organs that aren't rejected by humans and first practical animals as donors in surgery.

Society and politics.

1. European Union further expansion. Many Earthen European countries adopt euro. Euro is replacing dollars as a world currency. Major world currencies begin their long slide down.

2. Russian presidential election - President Putin stays in power despite of his promises to leave, although he may actually rule form the shade of his puppet government, but return again as an acting ruler no later then 2012.

3. U.S. aircraft carrier named the USS George W. Bush is launched.

4. Huge military and economy build up of China and new military build up of the United States: new fighters, new assault rifles, new planes, new unmanned drones, etc.

4. Cold war between United States and Middle East, Russia, and China is reborn. US tensions and disagreements with European Union and Latin America.

5. Oil, natural gas, and metals prices continue to soar. First signs of the growing economic instability in many resource dependent countries.

6. Official world-wide unemployment is about 8-10 percent, the real unemployment rate is over 20-25 percent.

7. US housing and consumer market are declining, US dollar and stocks are giving their positions. First signs of recession.

2010 - 2015

Science and technology.

1. International space station is fully complete and functioning with more productivity than ever. Later, Russians and Chinese built their own cosmic stations.

2. NASA space shuttles are replaced by Aries I.

3. Most of cashiers and sales persons are substituted by machines.

4. Primitive forms of artificial intelligence will evolve into more sophisticated.

5. Automatic translators will allow monolingual humans to converse with any speaker of any major human language. Learning any foreign language will be needless.

6. Practical use of donor animal organs in surgery.

7. Conventional computers CPUs are expected to reach their maximum computing potential. It would have devastating consequences on the technological industry.

8. New nuclear reactors are built around the world.

9. Solar power cells walls and roofs are common in abundant sunshine areas.

10. New longer living batteries and power elements appear.

Society and politics.

1. Peak of the oil consumption.

2. Iraq breaks into three parts: Sunnites center, Shiites south, and Kurd north. Iran is able to produce nuclear weapons. Major shift of power in the Middle East.

3. Major terrorist attack using weapons of mass destruction triggers the destructive war referred to the Third World war during this decade.

4. Great global recession is starting.

5. Moral degradation and social deterioration are worsening. People are becoming increasingly isolated in terms of typical historical human interaction.

6. Political and social correctness create a new dark age.


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