Jesus Didn't Exist! A Controversial New Non-Fiction Proves that Jesus Christ Never Existed as a Historical Person

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Jesus Christ is the ruling icon of the 21st century. From sitcoms to wall decorations, the crucified savior is a universal symbol of Western culture. Despite the popular trend in research aimed at the historical Jesus, as introduced to the public by Dan Brown's "DaVinci code", many scholars are embracing the opposite idea -- that Jesus Christ never even existed.

The groundbreaking book “Dead Little Fish: The Accidental History of Jesus Christ," by author Derek Murphy, proves that Jesus Christ was a mythological figure that accidentally became mistaken for a real man.

Recently a lot of media attention has been given to "The DaVinci Code," and author Dan Brown's rivalry with Michael Baigent, author of "Holy Blood, Holy Grail," whose research into Christian history is similar to the plot-line of Brown's novel. Theologically the two authors are allies. They both believe Christianity is pretty much a fraud, and are sure that the true picture of Christianity differs radically from the traditional view. Facing a lack of historical evidence, their theory that Jesus and Mary Magdalene established an earthly kingdom is a logical guess at best. However, the theory rests on the presumption that Jesus and Mary were historical figures, a theory which is impossible to prove and in fact, unreliable.

Articles and TV programs about the historical Jesus are finding their way into every sphere of consumer culture, and public opinion is quickly embracing new ideas about Jesus. Scholars like Baigent, Pagels, (The Gnostic Gospels), and Timothy Freke (The Jesus Mysteries), while popular, are ignoring crucial evidence that radically re-defines the origins of Christianity: Jesus, and his consort Mary Magdalene, stem from an ancient mythological tradition and were originally never considered as real people.

When we stop looking for the historical Jesus, it becomes blazingly obvious that Jesus Christ is a spiritual metaphor, which developed out of a long history of religious mythology. “Dead Little Fish" exposes the accidental roots of Christianity, by tracing its development from Greek mystery cults, pagan sun myths, and ancient philosophy. "Dead Little Fish" proves that the first Christians believed in Jesus only as a spiritual entity, and he was later, mistakenly viewed as a real man.

While most books on Christian history are making guesses about the real Jesus, the mystery behind the lack of evidence, "Jesus Didn't Exist!" shows conclusively how to interpret the symbols in the story of Jesus Christ. It provides many new insights, a comprehensive overview of Christian beginnings, and a well-documented yet easy to digest manuscript. It is also the first book to clearly detail the constellation mythology which developed directly into biblical stories.

Murphy received a double major in philosophy and theology from one of Europe's finest school, the University of Malta, and has since traveled the world in search of arcane wisdom and ancient religious secrets. A passionate spiritualist and inexhaustible researcher, Murphy is able to see not only the similar details between religions, but also the spiritual techniques and metaphysical truths necessary for self-actualization. He is currently pursuing an MA in Religious Literature in Taiwan.

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