Are There Supernatural Powers? Lovell Says No And Unveils The 8 Mistakes Of David Blaine And Psychic John Edwards

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Lovell, an up-and-coming escape artist and illusionist, points out a total of eight mistakes of the famous illusionist David Blaine and noted psychic John Edwards to promote his new television show, "The Reality of Curtis."

Lovell, an up-and-coming escape artist and illusionist, points out a total of eight mistakes of the famous illusionist David Blaine and noted psychic John Edwards to promote his new television show, "The Reality of Curtis."

Lovell has been vocal about Blaine’s lackluster performances, beginner-level stunts, his basic manipulation of his audience, and his overall mockery of the magic industry. In June and July 2006, Lovell challenged Blaine and Edwards to a public duel. Lovell is now announcing their eight mistakes.

Past Press releases:

Blaine - False promises and expectations.

TV special Drown Alive in May of 2006.

According to Lovell, “Blaine announced before his last stunt that if he failed to break the world record of 8 minutes, 58 seconds, he will die trying. But the world record was not broken.” Lovell has discovered that a death certificate on Blaine is “not on record.”

Blaine - Not being clear on who and what he is.

“In his TV specials you may see some cool magic tricks, but at the end of the show he is attempting to do a stunt or break a world record… is he a magician using tricks to break the record and to accomplish his stunts, or is he really pulling them off?” asks Lovell. “Many others are simply confused.”

Blaine - Too many noticeable safety precautions.

“From feeding tubes to oxygen mask, it makes one think,” states Lovell. “With a few bucks and a bit of energy this stunt could be accomplished by almost anyone.”

Blaine – Not presenting in a live show format.

“Many working and famous magicians that have appeared on television have a live show where you can witness their miracles LIVE! Why is Blaine limited to TV magic?” Lovell asks.

Edwards – Talking to the dead is not under the list of original concepts.

“Talking to the dead died out in the 1920’s when the great Houdini challenged the psychics and mediums to a $10,000 challenge,” says Lovell. “I want to bring back his legacy by replicating the Houdini challenge with John Edwards,” Lovell stated with a smile. “I can utilize simple magic tricks and prove anything that Edwards claims to be doing through supernatural abilities.”

Edwards - Cold readings

A cold reading is the "sleight of tongue" procedure (like slight of hand that Lovell performs). This type of reading has many methods whereby the Reader can get out of a blatantly wrong guess with extreme speed. Very fast and clever, unless you listen very carefully or are able to review a transcript of what was actually said during the reading, you may never noticed what he staged.

Edwards - Edited answers

On a website a letter was posted, stating, “I was on the John Edwards show. He even had a multiple guess "hit" on me that was featured on the show. However, it was edited so that my answer to another question was edited in after one of his questions.”

Edwards - Being vague in the beginning

Lovell finds it strange that when a love one crosses over they only know a little bit about our world in the beginning or they choose not to talk. How convenient for Mr. Edwards.

Note: Neither John Edwards nor David Blaine has accepted the challenges

To Lovell’s knowledge John Edwards keeps himself in a comfort zone with his production staff and controlled environments. Lovell believes if you have these (magic and psychic) abilities you have nothing to fear. Lovell awaits for his challenges to be accepted by Blaine and Edwards, which will be featured on his new television show “The reality of Curtis.” Lovell’s team has signed non-disclosures agreements with a production company to start producing the show in the upcoming months, and more information will be available at a later date.

About Lovell

Lovell resides in the Los Angeles area and has mastered the art of illusions and escapes. Some of his more daring stunts include being lifted hundreds of feet in the air above buildings, chained to two steel plates and then submerged into oceans and rivers. His greatest spectacle to date is the Cube of Death, a dangerous stunt that led to the demise of the great Harry Houdini in 1926. Recently, Lovell was seen cutting and dicing the world’s most famous heiress, Paris Hilton, in her television reality show, The Simple Life. Additionally, he has just released his first instructional magic DVD, Poof! You are a Magician. Currently, he is working on developing a television show “The reality of Curtis.” The world-renowned escape artist Steve Baker, “Mr. Escape,” has agreed to consult for the show. Lovell fans can visit his website at, as well as at site.


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