Announces New Partnership with CancerSafe Labs to Deliver Cutting-Edge Cancer Screenings Directly to U.S. Consumers

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CancerSafe, a premier European Oncology Lab, and, a Direct-to-Consumer provider, today announce the formation of a new partnership. The new relationship will provide U.S. consumers direct access to the most comprehensive screenings for various types of cancers. The arrangement will include new screening tools that, though used extensively in Europe and Japan, are not currently available from any U.S. lab.

As the number of treatment choices continue to increase for all types of cancer, none can match the huge benefits of early detection. Identifying all types of cancer early continues to be the single best way to increase the success rate of any treatment and recovery.

CancerSafe, a Swiss Oncology Lab, is Europe’s premier provider of comprehensive cancer screenings. Unlike the field of Genetics (DNA) that only identify an individual’s predisposition for cancer, CancerSafe uses a combination of molecules called Tumor Markers to identify the actual presence of disease. The CancerSafe process combines an evaluation of multiple tumor markers with 25 years of experience identifying what combination of values warrant a closer look. Patients who show abnormal results are automatically referred to an American doctor specializing in the interpretation of CancerSafe results.

Dr. J. Chaumont, Oncobiologist and CEO of CancerSafe explains, “Strong evidence exists for the benefit of using a combination of tumor markers for both early detection and follow up of many types of cancer. Our partnership with provides a convenient and affordable way for American consumers to access our expertise through yearly cancer screenings.”

The U.S. health care system has historically been slower than its European counterparts to recognize the huge benefits of early detection. The European system of “Socialized Medicine” depends on early detection because of the need to ration the limited amount of expensive treatment. The difference in the American system is directly related to the “3rd Party Payer” system of insurance reimbursement. It has been resistant to cover the cost of screening for conditions before the onset of visible symptoms. Waiting for symptoms to arise typically results in a disease that has progressed to a later stage or spread to other areas.

David Clymer, CEO of says, ”In the U.S. system, insurance companies have been the primary decision makers. Most have found a shift in focus to prevention to be difficult due to the upfront cost in the majority of cases where no problems are found. What’s changing in health care today is that consumers are getting more involved in the health care process. New options for health insurance coverage like the Health Savings Accounts (HSA) are empowering consumers with real decision-making power, especially in the area of routine care and prevention. At, we’re dedicated to delivering the services to consumers that have the biggest impact and provide the best value for their limited health care dollars.

"What makes us different is our use of the latest technology to provide Americans access to global health care options. Combining our unique online delivery system with CancerSafe’s testing means that U.S. consumers can now purchase these profiles on our site and have their blood sample collected at one of 1200 collection sites nationwide. These blood samples are collected and shipped overnight to CancerSafe’s facility in Europe. The process produces results, directly to our consumers, in 3 business days.

"We’re excited to announce that CancerSafe has agreed to offer our consumers more testing options. Screenings will be available both as a complete package (looking for multiple types of cancer cells) and individually as “type specific” screens,” says Clymer. “The CancerSafe®Test is a comprehensive panel that includes 11 Tumor markers associated with more than 12 types of cancer in men and women. Individual screens will look for the specific markers associated with Breast Cancer, Colon Cancer, Ovarian Cancer and Lung Cancer. Offering testing in this way will allow consumers with a family history or a lifestyle choice like smoking to access this life-saving information more affordably. The Lung Cancer screening represents one of the first pro-active steps, for Americans who smoke, to find problems early when treatment and changes in lifestyle can be the most effective.”

Clymer goes on to add, “Our goal in offering the CancerSafe screens is the same as the other direct-to-consumer testing we offer; to provide a new way for consumers to access valuable health information conveniently and affordably. All our tests are available direct to consumers without the additional cost and inconvenience of a doctor’s visit just to order testing. The CancerSafe tests will also provide complete confidentiality because test results never become part of their permanent medical record unless they provide them.

"We are confident that empowering consumers with knowledge will result in positive changes to the current health care system. We know first hand that knowing your family history and tracking your health over time are how you really learn about your health. It’s exactly what your doctor does. The good news for consumers is that instead of having thousand of cases to learn about, consumers only have one, their own. was created to put that learning process in the hands of every American.”

About is a revolutionary health care provider designed to be a consumer-friendly source of potentially life saving health information. The company has been providing convenient, affordable, and high quality testing services to physicians and patients in the Midwest since 1993. Over the last 2 years, MyMedLab’s founder and CEO, David Clymer, has combined his 25 years of lab expertise with his passion for innovation to create a new national health information source for consumers called is a Direct-to-Consumer provider of over 1,500 different tests to consumers in the US and around the world. Through its partnerships with the nation’s leading Reference Labs, provides convenient, affordable, and high quality diagnostic testing services. For more information, please visit

About CancerSafe

Cancer is a subject that everyone today is concerned about. We all know someone in our circle of friends or family who is suffering from cancer. Even with all the press about new cancer treatments, none can match the success rate of early detection. In March of 2000, a group of European Medical Doctors, with 25 years of experience in cancer diagnostics, created a new company called CancerSafe SA.

Headquartered in Switzerland, CancerSafe SA, has used its special expertise in the field to develop a process that represents the cutting-edge of cancer detection. This process includes:

  • A full panel of 11 Tumor Markers, instead of a single value, in order to detect certain cancers, and their recurrences.
  • An evaluation of multiple Cancer Specialists, Oncologists and Oncobiologists with years of experience    scrutinizing thousands of results. This panel of Doctors created a specialized algorithm, unlike any other in the industry, that includes an expert opinion, not just lab results.
  • An automatic referral to an American doctor for follow up on all abnormal lab results.

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