Woolsey Appears in Debate with Friesen and Hooper

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Democratic incumbent Lynn Woolsey representing California’s 6th District answers questions in a televised forum with Libertarian Richard Friesen and Republican Todd Hooper.

Lynn Woolsey, veteran Congresswoman from California’s 6th District just north of San Francisco, contrasted her positions while debating her Libertarian and Republican opponents.

The debate was organized by the Marin League of Women Voters and brought to Marin and Sonoma residents by Comcast and the Marin Independent Journal. The forum gave three panelists the opportunity to question the candidates on subjects ranging from Iraq to immigration and education during the one hour debate.

On the issue of Iraq, Woolsey repeated her record of voting against the war. Libertarian Richard Friesen felt that Iraq war and overseas nation building in general, has not addressed the terrorist threats directly and has strengthened the extremists. Todd Hooper, businessman and Republican, acknowledged errors, but felt that since we are there, we need to increase troop levels to avoid turning Iraq over to the terrorists.

On health care, Woolsey advocates government run universal care. Hooper expressed appreciation for our state-of- the-art health care innovations while at the same time noting the problem of access. He took exception to Woolsey, stating that it was ludicrous to think that a huge government bureaucracy could improve our health care. Friesen lightened the conversation with a story of Soviet citizens standing in line for shoes and his experience of delayed treatment in the Canadian universal health care system.

The final question on education created the entertainment for the debate with Libertarian Richard Friesen waving Woolsey’s “No Child Left Behind” act, all 600 pages, at the camera. He read an incomprehensible portion of it claiming that no one in Washington was smart enough to know how to teach our kids. “Washington keeps over twenty five cents of every educational dollar it takes from us, and then it costs our schools another twenty five cents or more to comply with their regulations. This leaves us with less than half of our educational dollar in addition to restrictions on local teachers who know our children best.” Woolsey said the problem with the act was that it needed more taxpayer funding. Hooper advocated more school choice.

In their final summary statements, Woolsey and Hooper argued about who could produce more legislation. Friesen, again waiving the educational act, asked the audience if they wanted more federal laws that micromanaged their lives.

Congresswoman Woolsey declined further debates stating she would be occupied campaigning out of her district for other Democrats.

Comcast will air the full debate several times on Channel 78. It can be seen Sunday October 15 at 6:00 p.m., Thursday October 19 at 9:00 p.m., Friday October 20 at 8:00 p.m., Saturday October 28 at 6:00 p.m., and Friday November 3 at 9:00 p.m. It will also be available on the Internet later this month with links from http://www.FriesenForCongress.org.


Richard Friesen is running for Congress against the Democratic and Republican candidates in California’s 6th Congressional District comprising Marin and most of Sonoma Counties. With voter disdain of the political process at an all time high, Mr. Friesen believes that injecting his campaign with the searing truth of humor will wake up the voters to the need for an independent congressional representative. Richard Friesen has built his career in the financial markets, is a former director of the Pacific Stock Exchange and currently trains executives to improve their relationship skills.


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