Capture of An American Terrorist Publisher to Offer Inside Account of FBI Intelligence Operations

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Publisher announces FBI Task Force Leader and psychological behavioral expert to show inner workings of the FBI in dealing with the world of terror.

History Publishing Company of Palisades, NY, has signed a two-book contract with Terry D. Turchie and Dr. Kathleen Puckett. Hunting The American Terrorist – scheduled for publication in April 2007 – will describe the pursuit of two of the most notorious and violent terrorists in U.S. history: Ted Kaczynski, the infamous Unabomber, and Eric Rudolph, the notorious bomber of the 1996 Olympics and of several abortion clinics. Of particular note in Hunting the American Terrorist will be an insight into the psychology underlying lone terrorist offenders developed by Puckett and the adjustment of investigative procedure by Turchie who saw a need for a paradigm shift when investigating those terrorists who were to became known as Lone Wolves.

Turchie was Task Force Leader assigned to both pursuits, and Puckett successfully developed psychological insights into the two terrorists.

Scheduled for November 2007 publication is Homeland Insecurity -- a study of the political forces that seriously undermined American counter- intelligence operations prior to September 11, 2001, and are still doing so in the post 9/11 period. The book will focus on how those political intrusions were and are being made for the sake of political advantage – by whom and at what expense to homeland security.

Terry Turchie, the driving force behind the capture of the two American terrorists,is the recipient of the FBI’s Director and the Attorney General’s Award for Distinguished Service. He retired from the FBI as Assistant Deputy Director of its Counter Terrorism Division. Currently, he is Director of Counter Intelligence and Counter Terrorism at Livermore National Laboratory for the University of California.

Kathleen Puckett, a clinical psychologist and an FBI special agent for 23 years, is a founding member of the FBI National Security Division’s Behavioral Analysis Program. She was the primary behavioral expert during the search for Ted Kaczynski and assisted Turchie in pursuit of Eric Rudolph. In 2001 she conducted a multi-jurisdictional risk assessment study of lone American terrorists, which also included Timothy McVeigh. She is the recipient of the Attorney General’s Award for Distinguished Service.


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