Sprectrum Sterilization Systems, LLC Announces A Breakthrough in Reducing Hospital Acquired Infections

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A New York area venture has announced the filing of patents which promise to significantly reduce the scourge of hospital acquired infections

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The growing epidemic of hospital acquired infections may have, at last, met its match.

Hospital acquired infections, based on CDC figures of 1999 kill over 100,000 patients annually in the United States alone.

Patients who have compromised or weakened immune systems due to chemo therapy, HIV and other illness, are idea breeding grounds for nasty, anti-biotic resistant bacteria. Due to insufficient cleaning and precautions, these infections may spread through a hospital like wild fire...and are often untreatable.

Transmission by touch is one way of spreading bacteria, however aerosolized bacteria generated from coughing or sneezing can circulate quickly in a hospital where heating/cooling ducts, which run throughout the hospital, can blow airborne bacteria and virus around a hospital, nursing home, or other residential care facilities.

Hand cleaning is cumbersome and often inadequate. Additionally, treating all potentially effected surfaces is often impossible. With tightened hospital budgets and unskilled labor performing much of this work, and the rapid recycling of operating and hospital rooms, often results in insufficient cleaning.

S3, Sprectrum Sterilization Systems) had developed a technology to kill most organisms, whether airborne of residing on surfaces of all kinds...rapidly, cost effectively and with little dependence on the skill of the operator.

Based on a combination of energy sources simultaneously applied and intensified, rooms may either have permanent fixtures which allow for "whole room" cleaning in a matter of minutes. For hand cleaning for surfaces such as under bed, window blinds etc., a hand held version of the device is also available as the first of several products intended to significantly reduce residual bacteria and virus populations in hospitals.

The technology also has application for efficient cleaning/sterilization of public rest rooms, airplanes, commercial kitchens, restaurants and a variety of other public spaces which are known to be transmission points for the spreading of bacteria.

The system is in testing and it is hoped that it may rapidly be released to market within the next 18 months. Little FDA regulatory hurdles are anticipated, said James Goldberg, the primary inventor.

Christopher Gaylo,co-inventor, is a systems engineer who has a deep background in medical product development, also has a background in aerospace engineering, having worked on the space shuttle while employed at Grumman in Bethpage, Long Island.

Both Goldberg and Gaylo are thrilled that this solution will likely be ready to address one of the most intractable and deadly problems associated with modern hospital care...hospital acquired infections.

Various embodiments of the design will become progressively available but are to begin with a major emphasis in reducing hospital infections...a danger to patients, doctors, nurses and visitors.

Mr. Goldberg, who recently lost his 23 year old son to medical error earlier this year, will be donating 25% of his stock and earnings to a new union, Curo Medicus, which is being formed to unite patient advocacy groups in the United States and abroad, empowering them with a unified voice, lobbying presence and the mission to recast the very nature of the way healthcare in the United States can be rescued from it's downward spiral where costs are going out of sight, insurance premiums and copays increasing, while, at the same time hospital corporations and insurance companies are reaping record profits.

The World Health Organization, a branch of the United Nations, ranked the US 37th in the world in terms of quality of healthcare....but FIRST....in the amount we spend per capita....far exceeding any other country on the face of the earth.

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