Breakthrough Chlorine Dioxide Cleaning Process Announced for Closed Loop Cooling Systems

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EPA registered microbial control agent and powerful bioslime penetrant.

Selective Micro Technologies, creators of Selective Micro Clean®, the world’s first point-of-use, 99% pure chlorine dioxide disinfectant, announced today the availability of Selective Micro Clean for use in closed loop cooling systems. The occasion marks the first time that 99% pure chlorine dioxide can be generated and administered at the point of use to clean and disinfect closed loop cooling systems. Chlorine dioxide – often referred to as the perfect biocide – is effective over a wide pH range at killing a broad spectrum of microorganisms. Until now, the widespread use of chorine dioxide has not been possible in most water treatment systems because the generation of pure chlorine dioxide has not been possible at the point of use.

In contaminated, closed-loop cooling systems where heat exchange is compromised by bioslime (microorganism) growth, Selective Micro Clean chlorine dioxide penetrates and removes the bioslime layer and prevents its re-growth. At use concentrations, Selective Micro Clean is non-corrosive to metals used in the manufacture of cooling systems and is compatible with all cation exchange softening resins.

Selective Micro Clean® allows point-of-use generation of 99% pure chlorine dioxide without the use of complicated mechanical equipment. Tap water is simply added to a holding vessel (e.g. a bucket) and the chlorine dioxide is generated as a gas-in-water solution.

Before Selective Micro Clean, generating 99% pure chlorine dioxide required installation of expensive and complex generation systems at the point of use. As a result, the applications for chlorine dioxide were limited. The advent of Selective Micro Clean makes it possible for the first time to use chlorine dioxide in numerous industrial applications. Today the horticulture, food, marine and medical instrument industries are using Selective Micro chlorine dioxide products to clean, disinfect and sanitize water and hard, non-porous surfaces.

Benefits of Selective Micro Clean chlorine dioxide in closed loop systems:

  • Compatible with all cation exchange softening resins
  • Easily disinfects all water treatment components, piping and holding tanks
  • More effective than chlorine (bleach) and non-corrosive at use concentration
  • Effective at low concentrations ( < 1 ppm ) over a broad pH range
  • Non-reactive with other water treatment additives

More information about Selective Micro Clean and Selective Micro Technologies can be found at or by calling Dave Morris at 727-781-6843.

About Selective Micro Technologies

Formed in 1999, Selective Micro Technologies is based in Danvers, Massachusetts. Combining sophisticated science with innovative product design, Selective Micro has invented a proprietary delivery system for chlorine dioxide. Selectrocide’s competitive advantage is its ability to generate, using tap water and no capital equipment, specific concentrations of 99% pure chlorine dioxide at neutral pH for point-of-use operations. The Company holds two US patents, and has several other patent applications pending in the US and abroad. Further information is available at or by calling 978-223-4040 X15.

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