A Solution to the Obesity Crisis

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Obesity is a problem of epidemic proportions. Obesity contributes to many health problems such as diabetes, hypertension, and heart problems. Ed Benjamin, a Certified Hypnotist in San Antonio, Texas, has helped thousands of people lose weight and more importantly, keep it off. After years of study, Ed has developed an Ultimate Weight Loss program that uses hypnosis, subliminal technology and sleep affirmations to help others combat obesity.

Obesity is a crisis of epidemic proportions. The nation's scales are going up...up...up...and it's clear that we have a health crisis on our hands. The obesity crisis has contributed to many health problems in both children and adults, including diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease.

What can we do about America's obesity epidemic? It's not just a case of telling people to eat fewer doughnuts and walk around the block each day to experience weight loss. To change a person’s eating and exercise habits, we must create a fundamental change in the mind at a subconscious level. When we consciously make a choice to do something, our critical mind, an inherent psychological device, blocks the suggestion from entering the subconscious where true, long-lasting change can take place. Since the subconscious controls 100% of all physical abilities and 99% of all mental and emotional capabilities, the answer to combating obesity and attaining weight loss lies in the subconscious.

Ed Benjamin, a Certified Hypnotist, in San Antonio, Texas, has found an answer to the obesity crisis. A student of the human mind, Ed doesn’t rely strictly on hypnosis alone. He has incorporated subliminal technology along with sleep affirmations into his hypnosis program to help his clients experience significant weight loss. After years of study, Ed has developed a Weight Loss program; combing the best features of self-hypnosis, subliminal technology and affirmations.

When interviewed, Ed stated that he “wanted to develop a weight loss program to absolutely ensure success. Each modality has proven successful in its own right. Why not combine them into a program so that they would complement each other. Therefore, each person gets the benefits of each modality so long-lasting weight loss will result.”

Self-hypnosis is a very effective way to change your eating and exercise behaviors alone. As you listen to the self-hypnosis program, you become relaxed. In this state, the critical mind goes “on vacation” thereby allowing the subconscious to receive the suggestion directly for maximum benefit and resultant weight loss.

Subliminal programs work differently. Subliminal technology offers a system whereby the conscious mind is distracted thereby enabling the weight loss and exercise suggestions to go directly into the subconscious. The subliminal suggestions are pitched just below the conscious perception level but at a level where the subconscious can hear them clearly. According to Dr. Steven M. Freitag, Ph.D.; “Before, just repeating a single phrase over and over again through subliminal suggestions worked well enough. Now, subliminal suggestions need to contain positive as well as negative suggestions which allow a person to think of the benefits for his or herself in addition to remembering the negative effects the behavior is having on his or her life. This allows a person the will to make the change” allowing “a person to focus and develop positive behavior instead of reverting back to his or her negative behavior.”

In addition, sleep affirmations take advantage of the fact that the last thought a person has on his/her conscious mind just before they drift off to sleep is processed by the subconscious throughout the sleep cycle. Suggestions to enhance weight loss will capture the client’s subconscious attention all night long.

By combining various modalities into a comprehensive, yet inexpensive program, Ed Benjamin has created a highly effective program to help curb the obesity epidemic and help his clients experience long-lasting weight loss.

This program is on his web site at http://edbenjaminhypnosis.com/htm/weight_loss.htm .


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