Why Broadband Competition Will Flourish Despite Claims of Net Neutrality Proponents

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Telecommunications expert and NETCompetition.org Chairman Scott Cleland says Net Neutrality proponents have an unfounded pessimism and fear about the future of broadband competition.

Scott Cleland, Chairman of NETCompetition.org, says that pessimism and fear of Net Neutrality proponents about the future of broadband competition is baseless, because huge demand, declining costs, vibrant innovation and exploding spectrum availability fuel future broadband competition.

Cleland clarifies: “Net Neutrality is all about dueling visions of what the future of the net should be. Net neutrality proponents look at potentialities and fear the Net will change for the worse warranting preemptive action to prevent it. Net competition proponents look at the facts and see every reason for optimism that the current competitive trajectory of the Internet and broadband will continue.”

The thrust of Cleland’s argument is that broadband competition will continue to flourish in the future and here is why.

-- First, demand is huge -- rewarding new suppliers with huge growth opportunities.

-- Second, declining costs are lowering the cost of entry and challenging incumbents.

-- Third, vibrant innovation rewards competitors with growth from new products, services, and content.

-- Fourth, exploding spectrum availability enables more competitors and more competitive applications.

-- Finally, convergence fuels competitive bypass undermining potential bottlenecks or gate keepers.

“What I have done in the Debunking Net Neutrality Myths series is an important analysis that shows why broadband competition is flourishing today, and why we can be confident that broadband competition will continue to flourish and increase in the future.

For more facts and data, read full text version of the Debunking Net Neutrality Myths series on NETCompetition.org

About Scott Cleland, Chairman, NETCompetition.org

Scott Cleland is one of nation's foremost techcom analysts and experts at the nexus of capital markets, public policy and techcom industry change. He is widely respected in industry, government, media and capital markets as a forward thinker, free market proponent, and leading authority on the future of communications. For more information, visit: http://netcompetition.org/docs/about/#chairman

About NETCompetition.org

NETCompetition.org is an e-forum created to promote a rigorous debate on the merits of net neutrality legislation and regulation. NETCompetition.org is funded by a wide range of broadband telecom, cable, and wireless companies who believe the best way to guard a free and independent Internet is free and open competition, not more government control of the Internet. To learn more about NETCompetition.org and network neutrality, visit: http://www.netcompetition.org


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