Encrypted Email Evades Government, Corporate Firewalls

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TrustedPear(TM) reported that users of it's secret encrypted email service were able to send and receive personal information from inside sensitive government and defense contractor networks. Users said they were able to speak freely about personal, medical, legal or other issues while at work, and keep the boss from knowing their secrets.

Primum Group Technologies, Inc. (PGTI) announced today that users of TrustedPear™'s encrypted email service reported being able to send and receive personal information from within a sensitive US Government agency in Northern Virginia, and from deep inside several heavily fire-walled Defense Department contracting firms. In all cases, TrustedPear™ worked flawlessly, even where both government and corporate restrictions normally prevent use of web-based email.

TrustedPear™ is an encrypted email and messaging service available for free, or subscription, at http://www.TrustedPear.com. "TrustedPearTM" provides trusted, encrypted and anonymous exchange of messages between "trusted pairs" of users. All Trusted Pear(TM) email and other messages are always encrypted, private between agreed users and can be exchanged anonymously on the Internet. TrustedPear™ uses a proprietary technique in data handling so its messages do not appear to be encrypted on the Internet. That is, they have no "signature" that gives them away. "No one can intercept or record what they can't see," said Kim Smith, PGTI's spokesman. "That makes TrustedPear™ 'boss proof.' Our users can discuss personal medical information or legal affairs, even while at work. If your boss can read your email, then it's not secret. With TrustedPear™, not only is your boss clueless, but your messages remain super secret."

TrustedPear™ is funded entirely by private investment. "The integrity of our systems and protecting our customers are key values to us," said Kim Smith, PGTI spokeswoman. "Our 'encrypted email' technology provides true privacy, anonymity and secrecy. A user's content and identity are always protected. TrustedPear™ encrypted email messages are always encrypted on our servers, and while in transit to the user for viewing. Even the fact that someone is using TrustedPear™ can be hidden from a user's ISP---and from a corporate or government enterprise."

"Our users who reported their successful use of TrustedPear(TM) while at work are employed by a government agency and two brand-name contracting firms. These users stated that their networks are heavily guarded with firewalls and intrusion detection systems. Our users found it amusing that while they could not use ordinary email to tell us of their success, they were instantly able to use TrustedPear™."

"Others talk about free speech. TrustedPear™ has done something about it," said Smith. TrustedPear(TM) is ideal for financial deals, private banker discussions, whistleblower groups, attorneys and their clients, doctor-patient discussions, political and special interest groups who wish to keep their plans secret."

"TrustedPear™ cannot send or receive spam. It gives users considerable flexibility regarding whom they allow to communicate with them," said Smith.

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Primum Group Technologies, Inc. is a cutting-edge information technology innovator based in Northern Virginia. At PGTI, cost-effective and innovative solutions help customers succeed. The team at PGTI hold certifications in Java, C++, TCP/IP, UNIX, ISDN, Solaris, Cisco Routers, ATM, Microsoft® products, Citrix®, Sun Microsystems® and others.


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